Hello everyone,

I don’t post often but something has really hacked me off. It’s nothing to do with MS but it’s given me buzzing and whooshing in the ears and keeping me awake. You might think it’s an overeaction.

My hubby and I keep cats and we’ve got 13. Before anybody wonders how we afford them, my sister subs them and delivers cat food every weekend. Anyway, that’s not the issue.

We are always conscious of them messing in the neighbours gardens so one side we have 6ft chicken wire alongside the fence because cats can’t climb chicken wire. So no problems that side. Over the back, they don’t get over really so no problems there.

The remaining side is where we own the fence and we have a six foot fence all along. The previous neighbours didn’t really have a problem with the cats and there were no issues. About a year ago a woman moved in with two French Bulldogs. I assumed there wouldn’t be a problem because the one cat that usually stayed next door suddenly didn’t go over because of the dogs.

Out of 13 cats only 5 go outside and only 3 climb the fence. We’ve got elderly or sick cats and not many younger able bodied ones you see.

Anyway getting to the point…in our village we have a village community Facebook group. This evening I saw a post from the woman next door asking advice on how to stop a neighbours cats messing in her garden. She said she’s fed up with cleaning it up. She’s never said a word to me or hubby but just moaned on public forum. I didn’t know my cats messed in her garden assuming they were deterred by her bulldogs. So, a discussion began about my cats on the Facebook group.

I chipped in and told her we would turn the fence around because that would make it more difficult for the cats to climb the fence. The good side faces her at the moment but being our fence we can turn it round. She said that wouldn’t help because it’s mainly in her front garden not the back. (I’m not sure I believe that). I said as the only route to the front is along the fence we would turn the first three panels around and see if that works. She then changed it to her seeing the cats coming from the back and from the garden the other side of her…she’s not being consistent.

Why did she do that? Why did she post it on public forum instead of talking to us about it? We’ve always got along fine with her and we’ve always been friendly and chatty so it’s not sitting right with me.

Flo xxx

I guess youre sure its your cats she is talking about. No, she should have come to you and not made it public knowledge that there is a problem.

Cats are cats and will climb anything. Does orange peel work when dug into flower beds anymore?

There are electronic devices that will deter cats but not harm them.

Dunno what else to say.