Need someone to remind me I'm supposed to be laughing. :(

Need a virtual shake!

Had a biopsy on my mouth in Feb. As it was followed about 2 weeks later by the MS dx, I never chased the results, stupid I know but sort of assumed if anything was wrong they’d contact me and to be honest the MS dx kind of took over. Turns out the doctors have never received anything from the hospital so I have no idea what the results are so now worrying.

Just been to see them about something else not MS related and they have made an urgent referral to the hospital, so have an appointment for middle of next week.

Then to top it all off, and just to remind me this MS malarky is real, when I got back from the docs got a call from Bupa to say they want to deliver my first batch of Rebif on Thursday. Got off the phone and promptly burts in to tears.

Daft thing is up until this point I’ve been chomping at the bit to get started and start fighting. Now it all seems too real.

here’s a very gentle cyber shake.

hope the biopsy results are good

now when you’ve stopped reeling from the shake, calm down you’ll be fine!!!

carole x

Thanks Carole,

I’ve calmed down a bit now. I think it was just the “oh we don’t seem to have those results”, followed by “I’ll make you an emergency appointment” (for a totally unrelated issue) followed almost immediately by “your medication is on its way”!

thanks again

How about a cyber hug and instead of shake. I’ve got that overwhelmed feeling at the moment as well. Anne

Hi Anne,

<> to you too!

I have self medicated. Steak, chips and stilton sauce. I’m hoping chocolate cake and pink wine will complete the recovery!

Oh, chocolate of any variety does it’s magic everytime !! Enjoy. Xx

Sounds yummy. That would definitely perk me up too. Anne x.

sending you my support and hope the results are kind to you.

luv Pollx

sending good wishes and a virtual hug - you don’t need a shake! Hope it all turns out well.


Thanks for all the kind words everyone.

Rang the hospital today to chase the results and apparently they were sent to my dentist rather than doctor. The dentist was shut today - typical. They couldn’t tell me what the results were at the hospital but feel better that someone has actually had them and the dentist would have contacted me if there was anything. Will check tomorrow to be absolutely sure.

Just need to get past next week’s appointment now.

On a more positive note can definitely recommend self medicating on chocolate and wine! It should be available on prescription - although on second thoughts, with the price of prescriptions these days, perhaps not!

Virtual hugs from here too. Sorry you are having such a rotten time. It is very common for someone with a new MS dx to start getting hyper vigilant about any health issue - for you to have avoided that pitfall and be ‘rewarded’ with this extra worry really is very bad luck. I hope that reassuring news from the dentist and the hospital make all the anxiety melt away as quickly as it came. In the meantime, I hope the self-medication does the trick. That prescription ususally does, I find.


Hi Shuffler,I’m glad that you’re getting through this difficult time and next weeks appointment will come and go.You’ll just move on and start the next phase of the game.

I got to thinking about results going to the wrong places .What about the car MOT results going to the doctor:…

Ball joints loose,Big end misaligned ,Emissions dangerously high,Exhaust gusset split,Air bags saggy and all nipples require greasing.

I can imagine the clerk sitting there thinking ALL nipples.

What about an estimate from the Plumber going to the Neuroligist:…

Header tank full of sediment,serious corrosion on micro-bore piping, up stairs system requires draining,Stop cock faulty,Ball cock beyond economic repair,suggest 15 minutes maintenance in 12 months.

There was an American poet called Ogde Nash, who once said…“Candie’s dandy,but liquour’s quicker”…I think he knew a thing or two,but what do you reckon?

You’re approaching this the right way and not being Egyptian…In de Nile. Keep your eye on this place as the solution to issues, and support are here

Best wishes,

Wb x <(L)>