Bin awhile!!!

Hi Everyone! Not been on for a while!Bin for a biopsy on my leg (for those that remember me!) Avin panic attacks its something very sinister! Waitin for results. Sos but really worried right now, hopin its to do with medication for ms & not what everyone seems to think it is. Anyone else with a progressive black leg!!! Tracey xxxx

Hi Tracey,

Sorry its not a good time for you right now. We seem to be forever waiting for results for one thing and another don’t we? Try and stay positive although I know it’s easy for me to say that. Don’t take any notice of what everyone seems to think it is, there are too many ‘experts’ in this world. Hope you don’t have to wait long for your results and keep us updated.

Keep your chin up,


Hi sending my love and support, hun.


much love Pollx

Thank you Poll & Sue. Dont mean to be a misery, just seems to be one thing after the other at mo!! Be happier when I know what it is. Nice to know people care. Tracey xxx

Hi, yes the support and care that I get on these boards is wonderful.

Hope you feel a little better today.

luv Pollx

Poll’s right, we all need support on those dark days. How long do you have to put up with this worry before you get your results? Hope you have plenty of support at home.


Hi Sue. Results due this week I hope!! Everyone really brill at home, just nice to be in touch with people who know exactly what we each go through. With the best will in the world those without MS find it differcult to understand the bizzare & sometimes terrifying effects it has on us. Unfortunately, if people cant see an illness they find it hard to comprehend our differculties, as I know we are all sadly aware. Thank you again, really does make things a whole lot better when we can share problems!! Tracey xx

Hi Tracey,

I am sorry to read about your problems, but take it from me that despite all MS has ever thrown at me, anxiety is very much up there at the top. I used to get some hooking panic attacks courtesy of MS, and I assume that I still would if I wasn’t on the beta blockers I take. I know just how MS can effect us, and the thing I hate the most is when the disease effects my character. Best of luck to you, and please be aware that we do know what you are going through.

Best wishes,


Hello Sue,

Hope the results of your biopsy are the ones you want, be thinking of you. ((((HUGS))))



Big thanks to everyone!! Havent been well enough to use site for a while, really glad I started again. Tomorrows another day, as saying goes & with abit of luck I,l have an answer!! Let you know either way!! Tracey xxx