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Hi, I’ve been suffering from a very sore area on the skin just underneath my shoulder blade for sometime now which u cannot see and then last week two more sore skin areas came up one on my spine and the other has come up underneath the other shoulder blade, I have been to the docs and also had X-ray which came back normal have also had blood tests last week and he is sending me for a MRI on my spine just wondering if u think its worth me asking for the MRI to cover my brain too ? I get a lot of pain in my inner thighs more right one than the left, I have a rubbish memory and have suffered tiredness for the last few years, also my dad has ms and my cousin has ms. Many thanks for any replies.

Personally, I would wait and see the outcome of the existing tests, for now. Have you mentioned to the GP there is a family history of MS? Of course, that doesn’t mean you have it, as it’s not hereditary, but there are known to be a number of genes associated with risk, which is why it can sometimes be seen to cluster in families (blood relatives share more of the same “risky” genes, although it is not passed on directly).

Yes, the process can be slow, but I’ve no doubt you will be referred for a brain MRI, in due course, if indications are that it’s necessary.

I’m a diagnosed person: I started off with a spinal MRI for a suspected slipped disc. That didn’t show any mechanical impingement of my spinal cord, but did reveal another suspect feature, which I now know to have been a lesion.

That in turn prompted me to be sent for a brain scan, which found another six (Ouch!).

So everything gets there eventually, regardless which tests you start with. My guess is, at the moment, they’re still betting on it being something much more common, like a slipped disc. So they’ll have a look for that first. And obviously at whether the blood tests show anything.

I’d play the game, and go along with what they’re sugesting, for the time being. An MS diagnosis is a process of elimination, so they’ll try the more obvious/common explanations first. After that, you should know more - even if it’s only that it’s NOT any of those.


Hi, I am wondering if these sore areas could be down to pressure?

When in bed or chairs, do you sit in one position for over 30 minutes?

I am at risk of pressure sores, which can turn to very serious ulcers. District nurses come to check my skin regulalry, plus my morning carers keeps my skin well moisturised, as this can help a lot in preventing pressure sores.

It may not be down to this, but I just thought i`d mention it.

Otherwise, as Tina says, wait and see what the results are from your tests.

luv Pollx

Sorry didn’t realise but I have replied to u both via email …

Hi Tina thank you for replying I actually have prolapsed discs in my lower back which I managed to do twice in a year and a half… And also get a burning sensation across my shoulder blades… And yes of course this could all be something completely different just wanted some advice. Many thanks Kat

Hi pollx thank you for your reply I am a childminder and really don’t get the chance to sit in one position for more than 5 mins lol so I do doubt it’s pressure sores but thank you for your input. Many thanks Kat

Hmmm. Two prolapsed discs in under a year does suggest some kind of weakness there. Then again, if you are lifting children all the time…

Prolapsed discs only affect parts of the body below the site of the injury, so if they were in your lower spine, they wouldn’t explain upper-body problems. Unless, perhaps, the weakness in your lower back is causing strain elsewhere?

Sometimes, an injury makes us (subconsciously) alter our gait or posture, to try to protect the weak spot, but over time, this might lead to problems in other parts of the body. So it’s not impossible it could all be related to the earlier injuries.

I don’t know what to suggest, really. Just try to go with the flow, and see what they find. Hopefully, it won’t be MS, but with two cases already in the family, I do understand the concern.

I also had a case in the family, but didn’t know at the time I was being investigated - only found out afterwards. So it didn’t provide any clues.


Thanks Tina I’ve requested for the doc to phone me tomorrow as he isn’t there today so I’ll have a chat with him and see what he thinks. I really do appreciate your input and your time. Ps I only started childminding in January so the prolapsed disc is nothing to do with that. Many thanks once again Kat

Hello and welcome Kat :slight_smile:

Just a quick reply to say that I agree with Tina: I’d go with the flow for now if I were you. If nothing seems to be heading in the right direction, then it would probably be worth asking to see a neuro.

Good luck.

Karen x

Hi Karen thank you for your reply its just something I can’t get out of my head… I’ve just written down things that have happened to me over the last year or two ranging from falling over twice for no reason and tearing ligaments in my foot both times ( same foot ), really bad tiredness, icy cold painful legs which made my body tremble badly, still get cold legs and body now and then so I layer up and wrap myself up in a duvet and fall asleep for a couple of hours and then I’m ok. Random bruising on my legs and annoying pain in my inner thigh and the list goes on but at the moment I just seem to be suffering from the invisible sore patches on my back which feel like I’m being stabbed with sharp needle and the burning pain in my back… I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m going on and on but I just can’t stop thinking about it… Many thanks Kat