just got mri results

Hi all,

my mum has had ms for the last 20 odd years, her nurse recently suggested that both me and my sister have an mri done as apparently it can be genetic. My dr refered me straight away as I have alot of signs that point towards ms. Today I spoke to a dr about my results. He said that it shows I have lesions on part of my brain. He could not say anything other than that, I have to wait until Monday to see my own gp.

I have had so many symptoms for the past 5-6 years but every dr I saw said it was either a virus or a reaction to my meds and gave me more tablets.

I really need some advice from people who have been here

Thank you


Im awaiting dx of whatever is going on. my 1st mri (brain only) has 3 lesions, 2 in peri-ventricular so neuro said suggestive of ms. Ive had 2 seperate attacks this year involving many ms symptoms.

Just to say im waiting for a lumbar puncture in july and a 2nd mri including spine. I think you may have to prepare your self for limbo land. But while it does get you down coping with symptoms and the unknown, I’ve found this site invaluble. Its a support from people like me who understand all your emotions and symptoms so hopefully thatll be a comfort to you?

kel x

Hi Sleepygitty, I’m sorry to hear you have just had this news. It does come as a terrible shock.

MS is not actually carried in the genes but some families have a higher ‘inherited’ chance of getting it. I don’t actually understand that fully myself… but it’s true that families where one person has MS the rest of family have a slightly higher chance of getting it.

I assume as yet they haven’t told you it is definitely MS? It’s a hard thing to diagnose (dx). As you probably know, there is not one single test but they put together a whole lot of evidence to try and dx. Lesions on brain or spine is one bit of evidence, as is symptoms. Often they want to do a lumbar puncture to see if the immune system has been active in the central nervous system (in the brain).

If they do dx MS, remember that it is different for everyone, even within the same family. So your symptoms and progression will be different from your mother and your sister, if she is also found to have MS.

Give yourself time to get used to this… it’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster… but like many of us, if it is MS, you will learn to live with it and life can still be good. Not what we planned, but nevertheless good.

Also remember that new treatments are coming along with research going on worldwide, and for the first time in history there is the possibility of a cure coming along. OK not tomorrow… but they are saying 15 years more or less.

Hope this helps. This forum is a great place for support and info… so come on here and ask questions or express your feelings… or just to know you are not alone.

Take care,

Pat x