Need answers with these symptoms

My partner was diagnosed 7 years ago and im still struggling to understand alot, he has extreme mood swings,one minute hes fine n the next i feel like ive done something so bad n he will be ignoring me is this normal?
Also hes a driver for a living and he sleeps alot, one minute can be extremely happy and full of energy and then the next hes lifeless and so tired and falls asleep.
He has body jerks and has been complaining sometimes of chest pains.
I just need to no if this is multiple sclerosis?
He says he will leave me all the time and has done and also says he doesnt care about me which is very obvious.
I need to no if it affects the brain in these areas?

Hi Lol
He needs to discuss this with his MS Team, or if he’ll let you, for you to discuss it.

Some of the symptoms you mention could indeed be MS, but it could be depression or something else. His team need to know. Depends where the lesions are in his brain - they could be affecting his personality but less common than mobility, bladder, vision etc. Get him or both of you in to see his MS Nurses.

Hi thanks for reply.
The problem with that is he wont talk to anyone about anything as he trys to pretend he doesnt have multiple sclerosis, i think he thinks it will just not progress further if he doesnt think about. Ive tried to speak to ms nurse before but he will look at it as if im going behind his back so i just cant.
Its as if hes very narcissistic.