Any information is greatly appreciated I posted a few weeks back regarding my boyfriend believing he has MS, we recently got res

I posted about 8 months ago, regarding my boyfriend believing he has MS, his symptoms below which he has added to since!, we have had MRI clear and the doctor is certain he is ok and its all in his head, im not that happy as the doctor has gave him Fluxotine? (anxiety pill) i think that is how you spell it. My boyfriend is certain there is something wrong with him :frowning: and still says "its my body i know theres something a matter with me, hes brother is a severe sufferer of MS and i think watching him getting worse isn’t helping him deal with his issues as he seems to think he is getting everything hes brother is - he had the MS nurse in the other day to which my Boyfriend was present, he text me to advise everything she was asking his brother he actually gets some symptoms which was cold feet and hands and were his brother gets the pain which is the same knees and the back of the knee, i just don’t know what to do anymore, im worried there is something wrong i dont know what and i don’t know how to go about helping him :(, the doctor said he cant send him for anymore tests which i think is bulls**t personally! …

  • Shaking when doing weights recently
  • pins and needles in legs and arms
  • calf pain ( numbness also sometimes )
  • When gripping something it causes cramp
  • muscles ache easy and loose power
  • Dizzy
  • Muscle loss (Seems to have forgot about this now)
  • Vision ( we had vision test and pictures behind the eye taken - all fine )
  • dribble sometimes - when speaking he spits sometimes - but i do this?

Newish Symptoms

  • Knee Pan
  • More tired (Fatigued)

Im really worried and not to sure how to deal with it, other then re assuring him he is ok? but is he i dont want to give im false hope and thinking he is fighting whatever this is on his own?

Thank you so much in advanced

Lauren x

okay, so… i’m not a doctor, but…

the symptoms your bloke has ‘sound like’ MS. they are also (as you report) very similar to those his brother endures.

It is possible that it is ‘all in his mind’. That is not to say this is not a problem in itself and as said, i am no doctor so what the hell do i know? but…

the fact that his brother has MS means he is at a higher risk of getting it himself. However, he is NOT likely to suffer to the same severity and he is almost certain NOT to have the same list of symptoms.

A clear MRI is good news, really good news but… people can still have MS and a clean MRI. they can also have spots all over their MRI images and report no MS symptoms (its just that kind of illness!)

the doctor says there is no further tests or treatment to go for. i would suggest this is true. if this was some form of a flare up or relapse, it seems to have passed. the consequences, the symptoms will take time to heal up afterwards. It is entirely possible this was a single, isolated occurrence. not nice, but nothing deserving a life of prescription drugs.

on the assumption that blood pressure and chemistry are okay, along with levels of cholesterol etc. i would simply plan for eventual recovery and just get on with life. if things take a turn for the worse though, get to the doc’s / hospital and yell until you get an MRI appointment.

good luck!

hi lauren

reassure him that you know he has health worries and realise it could be a long road to any diagnosis.

get your heads together and think of ways to make life better for him in the meantime.

good luck to you both

carole x