Narcissistic personality and multiple sclerosis

Is there a connection?
My partner has so many traits of narcissist personality disorder and i have struggled for years making myself poorly trying to stand hy him. I dont no when enough is enough as im very empathic.
His moods are terrible, his anger outbursts are awful, his silent treatment and the way he just doenst care about anyone, he says such nasty things about people, im very much isolated now due to this but he wasnt this bad b4 he was diagnosed, he had traits but now hes so much worse, he doesnt love me n says he doesn’t care about anybody not even his daughter. Has anyone else experienced this with a partener or have these symptoms of ms?

Hi lol, I have read on here how a diagnosis of MS can make some people angry, bitter, self centred etc. I somehow doubt narcism is a pre-cursor to MS. But I’m not expert in that.

Perhaps he is suffering with depression? Must be very hard to cope.