Neck pain confusion

Hi all, hope everyone is as well as can be. After my rant a few day’s ago the pain was still awful in my neck for a few day’s. Today i woke up and thought WOW not much pain at all! I have had a pretty good day but am sitting here now and can feel the pain creeping back again but seems to be a bit further round the back aswell. I spoke to the neurologist on Monday and he is going to speak to my GP about pain relief thank god. He also said my neck MRI looks clear? Looks! what happened to is clear. Is it only lesions on the neck and spine which cause leg weakness and shooting pains in calfs?

Thanks Sonia x

Lumbar puncture was mentioned but so was coming off my Warfarin so skipped over that part of the convo as it has me .

Good. news on the meds front. I hope the letter comes through soon. A quick answer to your question re lesions is no - the brain could be involved. Karen x

Thanks Karen, much appreciated x