Frustrated! Confused about MRI x

Hi All x

I saw the neuro 1st week in April - he said he believed my problems were upper spine and was going to redo the MRI's - as he wanted them done as he likes them done.


Great I though!! - I presumed this meant scanning:

  • The thoracic area - great! as the one I had done last year was a bad one - MRI was on the blink and there was a lot of movement
  • The neck - great as I have not had one of these since fracturing C5 in an RTA 16 yrs ago

BUT - I've just phoned the MRI Department and have been told I'm having:

  • Another Brain scan - Eww! - I had one of these a month ago!
  • The Neck
  • NO Thoracic!!

AND when I asked about contrast she said that I 'might' have it - she said they will be looking at the images as I'm having the scan done and they will decide on contrast as they are going along!

Is this normal?

I'm gutted that I'm not having another thoracic scan!!!! - I'm so annoyed about this as the 'hug' is one of my biggest symptoms and I believe most of my problems are in the thoracic area!!

I was so happy when I thought they were at last going to do it all together - properly - with and without contrast - and I would then get answers one way or another! Now I feel like it's still being done in 'bits n pieces' here and there - and I'll be left in the same boat!! Eww!!! xxxjenxxx

Eww! that should have been 1st week in May not April! x

Im so sorry you are being messed about. Can you get a message to your neuro about it?
Hope you get it sorted and finally get some answers

Hi Jen. Its all wrong isnt it.. told one thing will happen, then told its actually a very different thing happening. Very annoying. I can only suggest that you phone your neuro's secretary and find out from them. I actually think it is always a good thing to be on first name friendly and polite terms with the secretary as he/she will filter out the calls to the specialist.. I know that as I have been a PA for many years :)

Wishing you lots of luck Jen xx


Hi Jen

I was in exactly the same boat with my last scan; no contrast, no spine, no neck (despite the neuro saying I'd had an episode of spinal inflammation and MRI of spine last time was norm).

It's frustrating! The scan can still show lesions but contrast is the only way to look for new active ones!

Certainly do ring the secretary she can double check Big hug Jen



Hi all x just mentioned it to my GP & she just shrugged her shoulders & said wait & see or ring the secretary x ewww!

I'll ring the secretary tomorrow then xxxjenxxx