Nausea and headaches


Was just wondering if anyone knows if having migrane type headaches and nausea is part of ppms . I spent most of the weekend in bed with a very bad headache. Every time I tried to get up I felt sick. This keeps happening especially the nausea and I have no appetite. Does anyone else experience this.thanks xx

Hi Anita,

First off, I'm not a PPMSer - mine's RRMS.  But hope I may still be able to answer.

Vertigo (causing nausea on movement) is a relatively common MS symptom, and should be treatable.  Have you tried speaking to your doctor or MS nurse?

Alternatively, some drugs can cause similar symptoms.  I was getting nausea and hangover-like symptoms for ages, and blaming it all on my MS.  Until, by chance, I laid off my cocodamol (painkillers for musculo-skeletal pain) for a few days, and found I was instantly better.  They'd been causing it all the time, but the idea hadn't crossed my mind.




yes i get nausea and loss of appetite too. I was told that it wasn't a ms symptom but after asking on  here there was a few more that where the same.

I just try and make sure i drink plenty of water and hope it passes.

Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks for replies,

yes the nausea is on movement but I havnt had the dizziness I had before when they said it was vertigo. The headaches are new. Ive been taking Motilum for the sickness for months. Havnt seen neuro or ms nurse for a long time so I will ask for appointment. Thanks again x

Hi Anita

I had very bad headaches which made me feel very sick.  My doctor prescribed quite  a few different tablets without success but now have found Nortryptaline 20g 1 tablet at night works.  I tried after a time to do without it and the headaches came straight back.  It is worth a try.  Hope it works for you.