Nana's Car

Yesterday i had a lovely morning, id gone to meet my friend Ann and we did our voluntary work at the Park. It was a beautiful day and Rochelle my daughter rang to ask I could look after Naomi. I knew I’d never manage both twins at the Park but felt confident enough to have Naomi, Ann would help me if I struggled. We had fantastic time, we stuck to a small enclosed play area and Naomi was excellent. I always worry that she will run off or want to climb the highest slide , being only 3 and on the autistic spectrum she can be a bit of a handful. I felt a real sense of achievement I even managed to push her in the swing . We went home together in Nanas car …I mean wheelchair , I felt the proudest nana in the world , my car only does 4 miles an hour and doesnt have a roof or windows but it felt so fantastic having my little Granddaughter on my knee. Next time I’ll have to take Laura the other twin. Michelle and Frazer xx

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One on each knee perhaps? (Joking)

Days with the little ones are really precious.

Yesterday I gave our Rose an Easter egg hunt. The warm weather resulted in a bit of melted mess but it was mostly on her chin. There are nice gardens in the flats where I live and we managed a bit of Frisbee. Rose appears to be quite sporting. I have no idea where that came from.

Enjoy the nice weather.

Steve x woof

Sounds lovely Michelle. It’s nice watching the little ones enjoying the sunshine. I’m not a grandma yet but love listening to my neighbour’s grandchildren playing in the garden. Let’s hope the weather lasts. Cath