Hi ,having bladder problems,urgency then wetting oneself,I intermittent catheter,and taking trospium,but

not helping ,was reading about LDN,is it available in low doses through GP,or do you obtain it privately,

in info appreciated,Angela

hi angela

first ask your gp.if you are lucky he/she might prescribe it.

my lovely gp wanted to run it by my neuro, as a matter of courtesy. however the neuro wrote to him and discouraged him from writing the prescription. i saw a private doctor (pricey £100 for a consultation) and got my ldn.

later the private doctor closed his practice so i asked my gp again. he wrote the prescription.

good luck

carole xx

ps i contacted linda elsegood from the LDN research trust to find a doctor who could prescribe ldn. she told me of one that was close to where i live.

This is of course if you can’t get a pescription from your GP.

E-med is the best way to get a prescription, after the first one the cost is £15 every 3 months. LDN costs £15 per month and the pharmacy get all repeat pescriptions.

If you want to get a prescription over the internet. If you contact there is a £20 joining fee and its £15 every prescription that lasts 3 months.

From the LDN Trust website

Then, I was thrilled when Pharmacist Stephen Dickson from Glasgow phoned me; we had a very lengthy chat. Stephen was already aware of our plight to get LDN dispensed at an affordable price in the UK; he has been reading everything he can find on the net regarding LDN and wants to help in anyway he can. Thank you Stephen.

Stephen has done his research, and he can dispense LDN in liquid form; the shelf life is 28 days at room temperature and 56 days if kept refrigerated. This is such good news.

As far as I am aware, Stephen is the first Pharmacist in the UK to compound LDN in this form of Liquid Suspension and dispense throughout the UK.

Having the LDN in liquid eliminates fillers! It gets into the system rapidly and is inexpensive. One month’s supply delivered to your door is just £15.00, with no hidden extras; you even get a £1 measuring syringe for free.

I have tried the liquid LDN myself. It has a cherry flavor with a slightly bitter aftertaste, which went after a drink. I couldn’t notice any difference between the liquid and capsule (NOTE sorry tastes horrible like medicine euk! George).

Note, you have to ask you’re prescribing GP to write “naltrexone solution” or “naltrexone liquid.”

All you have to do is send a prescription for the LDN to Paula, who is the Manager, Home Delivery Pharmacy online services.

To use this service you need to register, which is free! Everything has been made so easy; you can either register on the net at or phone free on 0141 647 8032 and registration can be completed with the assistance of Paula. If you have any questions at all about this service and how it can work for you, please don’t hesitate to phone Paula, who will be only too happy to assist.

With this service you never have to worry about ordering a repeat prescription for ANY of the NHS medication you take, this is all taken care of for you. No more waiting for prescriptions to be filled as they are delivered monthly to your door at no cost. For those of us that find going out difficult, what could be better? You are notified when your medication has been sent and what day you should expect delivery. In the unlikely event of your parcel not arriving, phone Paula. She will arrange for another order to be dispatched and she will track down the missing parcel.

All NHS patients need to sign a form, regardless of exemption/pre-payment status.

Liquid I find far superior you can finate your dosage, start at say 1.5ml and increase by 0.5ml every fortnight till you reach 4ml. You know when you reach your dosage, you feel extra tired one day perhaps some symptoms re-appear, just drop to the dosage as the one before.


The department of health position is that any GP can prescribe LDN for MS and any PCT can fund it. The PCT funding issue is not something in the control of the doctor and therefore many, but not all, doctors will prescribe it but depending on the PCT they work for they may only offer private prescriptions.

My wife has been on it for 8+ years and she has not had any further disease progress and has had minor improvements. However you will only find out what it will do for you if you try it.

Here is a link to the recent debate in parliament.

Thanks George for your very comprehensive reply. One more thing l would like to add is - that you do need a letter from your GP or even MS Nurse - stating that you do have MS. They cannot refuse you this!!! But you do need this confirmation to get your prescription via emed. The service from emed/Dickson is first rate.

LDN has many benefits for people with MS - and other auto-immune diseases such as Parkinsons. The youtube videos are worth looking at - peoples personal experience always best.

The cost for LDN - now - is £17 - but this does include p&p. You do have to sign for it. My postman knows how important it is to me - and will sign for it if l am not able to get to the door.

With bladder problems l think LDN should be the first thing to try - before going down the line of self-cath/botox etc.

You can get your LDN within a week if you go down the E-med /Dickson line.