My return key wont work!

Hello everyone! Just a quick question…as the title suggests…My return button will not work on this site. I have reported it to Stuart about 2 months ago but the team were a little busy with the kitchen spam going on and could not resolve it. I can only reply in continuous text and its really hard to read. Is anyone else having this problem please? I have left the site for a few weeks because of it but have returned to find its no better. Is it just me?

Hi Teresa, not just you, my return key isn’t working on this site either :-(…to be honest I wondered if it was my old, cr*p laptop!!..Jools X

This happens to me when I use internet explorer. Try Firefox will let you return!! x

Thankyou Jools I am rubbish with technology and thought it was my fault and that i had done something wrong with the settings or something! lol! It is very difficult to reply properly as i know a jumbled mess is so hard to read and is hard to make sense of. Someone even misinterpreted my reply because it sounds different when you cant use paragraphs (thats why i left for a while as i would hate to upset anyone)… sorry if this is the case.

You ? Upset people ? You’re not capable. Xx

Thanks elsie! …but what is firefox? Will have to ask my 14year old…lol!!! Teresa.x

Thanks Mrs H but the other post from Shazzie has made me think because sometimes i have read my posts back and thought…oooh! perhaps i could have worded that better! My only intention has been to try and help but when replying in type perhaps may sometimes come across differently from as if it were spoken! Teresa.x

Hi Teresa

If you have a “normal” modern keyboard with the number keys at the right hand side, you could try using the “ENTER” key at the bottom right of the keyboard.

It should work the same as the RETURN key.

I have just used it to type this.

Firefox is a web browser just like Internet Explorer (some people prefer it, others like Opera for their browser). If you are using a laptop, it could be a problem with the keyboard. If your RETURN key works in (say) a word-processor program, you might need to reinstall your browser or try a new one. A bit more information could help Dx the problem.


Hi Teresa, I can’t help you, I’m not technical at all. I am usually on my iPad and my return key does work on the iPad. Just wanted to say that I am having a laugh at you asking your 14 year old, I often get help from my 12 year old. Cheryl-)

I use Google Chrome as my web browser and the RETURN key works just fine with it. Others have mentioned previously that Internet Explorer plays up on this site.


Hi, I think my laptop is the problem with me…a couple of other keys don’t work either :-S Jools X

Thankyou Geoff. I didnt have any problems until the webteam were trying to battle the kitchen spam. I can send a PM to someone with no problems and the return key works fine. I dont think its the keyboard because it is working fine when i send e-mails and for other things. It is just when i reply to posts on the forum. Its very strange. The numbers of my keypad are not at the side but are on the second row down on my keypad. My laptop is about 4 years old (hp). I dont have an enter key. I will get my daughter or step-father to have a look for me to see if i need to reinstall my browser or try a new one as they are much better than me on the laptop. I still however feel it is something to do with this site as Jools is having the same problem. I will wait and see if any more people say they are also experiencing difficulties before i look at my browser. Thankyou Geoff - you have helped me several times now with things perhaps its about time i went on a computer course! Teresa.x

Thanks Jools! It probably is Internet explorer then! … Cheryl - even my 9 year old can use the laptop better than me! ha ha ha!!! The kids are busy at the moment so will get them to help me later! lol!

I have the same problem on my desktop computer. I tend to reply in my Ipad as I dont have the problem there. Not being able to move down lines is driving me bonkers! I use internet explorer. Sara

Well Teresa, I wasn’t sure cause my lappy is as I said cr*p, however maybe there is something in the info from other folk about Internet Explorer as I do use that. My son has Google Crome on his PC and said that I should get it on mine, however my lappy doesn’t have enough memory to support it! :-S …hope you get sorted ok cause it is annoying …Jools X

Thankyou so much to everyone who replied I think i will have a look at changing to google crome…when i work out how to do it!!!


The problem on this Message Board is that Internet Explorer doesn’t work correctly - not that any users are doing anything wrong!!

This issue no longer occurs if you switch your preferred browser from Internet Explorer to any of ‘Opera’, ‘Mozilla Firefox’ or ‘Google Chrome’.

They’re all free programmes that can be searched for via google/yahoo etc. and installed on your PC or Laptop without any fuss.

Don’t know much about Apple products (…Ipads/MacBooks/MacBook Pros) but I believe you could try ‘Safari’ instead of IE ?!

Good luck!


For Apple users, Safari, Firefox, or Opera will all work - I have all three on an Apple desktop. You can download any of the three by typing the name into a browser, and following the links that appear. One of them will take you to an installer.

Teresa, for someone non-technical, you have nailed down your problem very precisely.

A point or two for all.
Firefox is probably the best browser at the moment - but that means all the people who want to infest your computer with popup adverts will target it.
Google Chrome is good - but do not allow the installer program to download the Google Toolbar (Waste of space).
K-meleon is another free one

And, to avoid the double spacing on this site when you do press return - hold down the shift key. You may have to experiment a bit (e.g. backspacing with Shift) but it can mean a better looking post.


I may be better with firefox then as i would like the google toolbar! I can always change again of course if i dont like all the pop-up adverts invading my space! Cheers Geoff . Will sort it out soon - when someone more knowledgable can sit with me to make sure i do it right. I will be able to do it myself next time if i want to change again. Teresa.x

Everyone is busy so i have had a go myself!

Yay! wooo hooo!

I can use my return key!

I doubt my abilities sometimes - not a stupid as i thought! lol!!

I feel very pleased with myself!

Sorry for being a pain today but i got there in the end!


Thanks again for your help everyone!

Until next time…