returning to previous page???

Hi all

can someone please tell me how you return to the previous page once you have read a question on this new site, it is so frustrating when it returns you to page one every time you click the arrow back. I really miss looking on here but have stopped visiting as often as it takes so long to get back to the page you were on.

Thanks in advance for any reply’s, is it only me or do others struggle with this new site?

Shirl x

Hi, the way I do it is by pressing the backspace key on the keyboard. Or at the top of your browser there are 2 arrows, one is forward, but here you need the back arrow (which on my browser,firefox,is highlighted). Hope this helps

Lynne x

me again, also at the top of the page you are on, and at the bottom there is a link back to the forum.

Lynne x

Hi Shirl,

This drives me potty too - always going back to page 1

I solve it by opening the threads in a new tab (I use Firefox but I think IE has tabs) That way I keep the index page (whatever the number) open and I don’t need to use the back arrow and go where I don’t want.

To open in a new tab I left click on the link and select new tab from the menu. You could use new window too.


PS Rember to close each threads tab when you’ve read it or you will end up with a zillion tabs!