Back to work take 2

Hello Everybody…Some of may recall that I posted a couple of weeks ago that I’d tried to return to work after relapse and got sent home straight away…Well I went back to work yesterday and managed to stay there!! Also been at work all day today!! I’m pretty knackered now but got the next 2 days off before back on Wednesday,hopefully back to some sort of normality after 7 weeks off, I’m not quite back to how I was before relapse but delighted to be on the mend so to speak…BeckyX P.S does anyone know anything about computers? For the last few days my return button won’t work when I reply to posts, it’s works on WORD but not on here? Have I just pressed some silly button or something? Thanks

Well done.

Well done Great feeling to get back I’m 14 weeks in to this relapse and just wanna go back to work Gray

Thank you both for the pat on the back, now I can go back to moaning about work and not just daytime TV!! BeckyX

Well done…make sure your rested inbetween hun just to ensure your rid of the relapse and chilled xxx

Hi Becky,

Good on ya for getting back to work!

Your computer issue: I assume the ‘return’ key not working is only on this forum, when you try to comment and are using Internet Explorer?

I’ve mentioned this to the Mods - it’s not your machine, it’s the forum software causing this issue!!

Return key works fine as long as you use any browser EXCEPT Internet Explore (…I’ve used Firefox, Opera and Chrome without this problem!!)

All I’d suggest is use a different Browser for the MS Forum (…actually, my personal recommendation would be to ditch Internet Explorer completely !! )

Good luck,


Hi Dom

You are a GENIUS!!! Read your messsage and using chrome now , Thanks for making life easier…



You are more than welcome (…and I’m definitely NOT a genius …more like a “Genie’s Arse” )

Glad to have been a bit useful for a change!!


Hi Becky

Well done. Make sure to take regular breaks at work and if you are having a bad day, it’s not admitting defeat to go home and rest.

Four years ago I was supposed to return to my work on a phased return but felt under pressure as my desk was groaning with the weight of the paperwork that hadn’t been done while I was off. Within 2 days I was working my full hours and it put back my recovery by a few more months so I had to keep going home to rest within a few weeks of going back. I had a less than sympathetic line manager! Eventually we had a huge bust up about 18 months later (she showed her true colours and now management know what she is really like but haven’t done anything about it!) and I now have a new line manager who is really considerate.

Having said that, it’s a good feeling being back at work. I hope you are enjoying it. Good luck, hope it goes well for you

Tracey x

Hi Tracey,

Thanks for the support, My manager is next door to useless, When I got in on Saturday and looked at the rota she had me down to work 4 full days straight…now we all (including her) know this is impossilbe so straight away had to mess about swopping shifts with other staff etc, normally this would of wound me up and stressed me out but I think that my relapse was partly due with being stressed with my job not the work it’s easy (retail) but some messing about the company is doing at the moment which had me stressing about money, so since relapse I’ve decided not to give a fig about work!!

I can only do what I can do and nothing more, I do enjoy my work, but the politics that seem to come with it are just stupid really and don’t know why I let it get to me. So decided I’m going to be a bit more Zen about it and relax, it’s actually quite liberating not caring about something I can’t control anyway…now if only I could feel this way about MS…I’m getting there slowly!!

Dom- If I say you’re a genius then you’re a genius!!! I would never of worked that probelm out by myself my DOG is better on computers than me!!!

Take care


Totally agree, Becky

I’m way more relaxed about work now. If my paperwork piles up now, I let it! When someone asks me to type a letter asap, I often reply ‘Next week/month looks good!’ My new line manager often arranges for another member of staff to help out with some of the menial tasks so I can concentrate on the important things. If she things I look at all peaky or wobbly on my legs she tells me to go home. A far cry from the boss who used to answer my request to leave early to rest up with ‘Well, if you really can’t manage …’ I’ve also decided that it’s okay to say no to requests when you cannot fit anything else into your day and it’s okay to tell someone politely that they are screwing up your deadline by not meeting theirs and they are adding to your pressure. Also when I come in from work, I completely let go - I have a little nap and then it’s ‘me time’.

I’m sure you will get there with the MS with time. Having said that, I can be calm and relaxed with it for quite long periods of time and then it ups its game for a while and throws me and I have to come to terms with it again. It’s a rollercoaster ride that I wouldn’t wish on anyone (well, perhaps my old boss )

Tracey x