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Good morning lovely people,

I’ve been reading these posts every day and I think you are all amazing, thank you for all your warm comments all the way.

It’s cost me a lot of money but I am now after my 2nd visit with the neurologist who has had my brain scan results at which we looked together, one picture after another, all in details. It is all clear and perfect and so I was told to get on with my life, I do have the symptoms but they are ‘not important and not indicative of anything’. He doesn’t want to see me in 6 months or anything like that, although he did mention that he would if he had any suspicions as treatments these days are amazing and he wouldn’t want to play anything down, he would want to make sure.

So, although I am happy at the moment and relieved, I don’t feel myself still and I am still concerned, but starting to think that maybe I am just mental and I just really need to stop worrying as I am just making everything worse-my stomach is absolutely crazy, I am still getting cramps, aches, light head and all other sorts… However, the neuro I saw is the MS specialist who has been doing it for over 30 years so I should really trust him for now and stop with this illness, at least for now ( I do just want to feel better and be myself again though).

Just wanted to let you know, I don’t want to disappear like some others.

I wish you only good days and stay positive if you can, and keep on giving each other the support as it is fantastic and it has given me hope for the last 10 weeks when life just stopped for me. Hugs to all, I will be in touch xxx

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Hi Margaret,

I’m sorry you have spent such a lot of money on what seems probably to have been a case of anxiety, but if that’s what it took to get you even to consider that explanation, then I suppose you have done the right thing for you, and I’m pleased nothing was found.

I do hope you will be able to take your consultant’s advice - and the advice of your own “better self”, and trust him, and stop letting this ruin your life.

Perhaps you could consider getting some help with the anxiety, otherwise, I’m sorry to say, there could be a tendency to drift back to the conviction something has been missed - even though you saw the main man, and there’s every reason to believe his judgement is sound.

Anxiety isn’t “mental”, by the way - it’s a genuine health issue, and common - far more so than MS! So if it shows signs of taking over again, please don’t leave it, thinking nothing can be done. Anxiety is treatable!

You are not the first “convinced” person here who had absolutely no indication of MS, once it was looked into, but thanks for letting us know what happened. It might reassure a few others that how convinced you are is no predictor.



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Good luck with taking control Margaret. Hopefully, you will start to feel better soon. At least you can move forward from MS possibility. Hang around!

That’s great news and thank you for the update. I know it was a lot of money, but peace of mind is good value at any price, I think.

Good luck.