my punk band!


i am still being sick on tecfidera but i have given it a comedy name “violent and the vomits”.

what else can you call vomiting violently?

i’m having a day off it today but rehearsals are underway for a new gig tomorrow.

ha ha!!!

carole x

Hi Carole,

I have a really bad head cold so can I suggest a song title - ‘Retching with the coughs’

Someone told me that each cough is like a mini sit-up. The amount I have been coughing I should have a perfect 6-pack!!

JBK (cough cough) xxx

Oh God, I know what you mean about the coughs! I’ve been coughing continuously for what seems like months. Continuous “slight” runny nose, “slight” sore throat - doctor didn’t seem to think there’s any actual infection, but some sort of cycle of irritation going on.

Always been a bit prone to it, so not sure it’s an MS thing, although have wondered - or whether it’s to do with any drugs I’m on.

But I get sooo tired just having a cough these days!

Oh, and btw, I have got very well developed abs - certainly not worked at it, so think that is increased muscle tone from MS. The calves went the same way - started noticing increased tone in my 40s, without any corresponding effort - a time when most people are losing muscle definition. Thought it was odd, but never, ever, thought there were illnesses that make you weaker AND more ripped looking, both at the same time! I wish my muscles worked as well as they look like they should. I’m getting a permanent workout from the spasticity - all those neurons saying: “Contract!”, even when I’m supposed to be sleeping.



Hi Carole. You make me laugh.

I think you should call your punk band “Sick on the Stairs”, Thought that might be apt given your last thread.

Hope you feel better soon sweets,

Shazzie xx


shazzie - feel great today because i haven’t taken my tec

naughty i know but my throat was sore from the stomach acid.

will start again tomorrow.

any lyrics gratefully received JBK and tina

will publish mine tomorrow

V x

It’s took me ages to think of one, think I’m working too hard, how about The Puking Pigpens…Need to go and find my brain now!

ha ha cherrylips!

good band title, think we missed our vocations, we should have been there when vivenne westwood and malcolm mclaren were around.

don 't forget to keep an eye open for my brain whilst you are looking for yours (mine will be the one with all the holes).

carole x

I think I was sort around then, young but around, giving away my age now!!! More Malcolm McLaren, he did have something to do with the Sex Pistols didn’t he???

Unfortunately my brain has lots of holes too, 8 at the last count!! It would be funny if we ended up with each others, feel sorry for you!!!

how 'bout ‘pucker and the upchuckers’ ?

hope you’re well soon,

wendy x

thanks wendy

i’m much better since i managed to take this morning’s tecfidera without even a slight feeling of nausea!

woo hoo! i might be winning this one!

i was so pleased to be starting tec that it was devastating to think it wouldn’t work.

anyway this is me today

carole x