Normal service will be resumed....... later

Normally, I try to positively embrace the joys of my generally fortunate life. However, there are times that I need to weep wail and bleat in sheer frustration, because my body stubbornly (I wonder where that comes from!) refuses to behave how it should.

Today is one of those days.

Tomorrow will be so much better.

Feeling better already for letting off some steam. :slight_smile:

moany old git Mick


Hiya moany old but

Can I join u today?

I have just looked in mirror which I rarely do and right side drooped and twisted. It’s been like for 3+ years but I didn’t realise how bad!

Moany old Ellie x


I’d like to join you today please. I had my second Tysabri infusion yesterday and feel awful today and my left arm/hand won’t work again!! Normal positive bloke will return tomorrow, just having a day off feeling positive today.

Hi Ellie

Please feel free to join in with todays bleat. I got rid of mirrors a long time ago!

Remember that I decided that tomorrow is going to be better.


Welcome to the Wednesday “bleat” off

sorry you feel crappy after your infusion, remember Thursday will be so much better.


Can I join in? I bleated, whimpered, cried and whinged yesterday, but I feel the need for an extended whine this week. I’ve been having a post Tecfidera relapse, took oral steroids, still feel like cr*p and my legs don’t work even more than usual.

Feeling very very sorry for myself.

Sue x

Sue, welcome to the “bleat” off. Sorry you are feeling crappy, it grinds me down after a while - so I have to let rip.

I have a PhD in feeling sorry for myself but have not found any interested employers. I feel sure that tomorrow is going to be better,


Today is worried, whimper Wednesday. Tomorrow will be thankful, tranquil Thursday.

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Too right

‘Afterall, tomorrow is another day’……

Who said that?



it was either you or James Bond… or was it Katie Price?

does not matter, it will be a better day



It was Scarlett O’Hara

but I couldn’t give a damn…



I knew it was someone from “Who killed Roger rabbit” :slight_smile:

Yep…Scarlett O’Hara!

Let’s make a game… I’ll start a new thread. Just going loo first …back soon…


Poll and there was me feeling sorry for myself and moaning about kids massive use of social media.

sounds like I am suffering from hypocrisy too!

All that effort…wrap myself in t’sling…fasten onto hoist…up I go…lower onto commode…remove sling… Hubby pushes me into bathroom and over t’ loo. Crossword book, glasses…sit…nowt…15 minutes elapse…still nowt…back to bedroom … Sling up again… Hook up to th’hoist…up and onto bed…move snoozing poodle out o’ way…BTW I’m having a duvet day cos catheter was changed this morning. Who ses I get no exercise?

Right…let’s get this daft game started…


You certainly know how to get the most fun out of a dull day…

Peristeen might offersome options.

all the best Mick

Hiya Mick

My day went from bad to worse…

But I am trusting you that tomorrow will be better!


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sorry to hear that your day got worse.

If your day is not better tomorrow I will eat my hat…

You can always find some funny cat videos on youtube, I defy you not to smile just a tiny bit.

Fingers crossed.

Tomorrow will most certainly be better. I don’t know why but it definitely will be.


… PS the only hat I have is wooly so tomorrow had better be improved M