Meltdown! (Rant alert)

Oh gosh what a day meltdown at work today : ( Apart from the odd blub in the dentists car park a few weeks back, I have just got on with it really ever since my dx in June. Even when I couldn’t drive for three months back in April, May and June I still managed to get to work. Since then I have made slow but gradual improvements although still have pain and spasm probs in my right arm and hand. Today though I just couldn’t cope. I started Rebif two weeks ago and feel really tired the morning/day after and really muddle headed lately. I made it to work though but I am finding changes difficult and today was one change to many and I just couldn’t stop crying. I am better in someways than I was a few months ago so why fall apart now? I hate letting people down but my school were great. They said they could call in OH if that would help and make other changes they just wanted to keep me as i was good at my job (hmmm) and would do what they could to help me, which was fab. So why do I feel so useless? They suggested I get signed off but I don’t think I’m that bad now and would feel guilty. So made a compromise to not go in days after injections until after new year when I have hopefully got used to new routine a bit better. Grrrr sooo cross with myself. Now my hand is getting worse tonight and my legs have decided to join the party and feel really weak. It was ten months between last relapses and ten months since this one started so hoping all this stress doesn’t kick start another. My nickname to my friend is Tiggy coz I’m usually so bouncy, bouncy, bouncy…feel like my springs been nicked! Lol Well if you made it to the end thank you for listening. Rant over! Mish x

Time for bed zebedee…maybe he nicked my spring!

Oh Mish,

You poor thing, I really feel for you, unfortunately this horrid disease just doesn’t care what it does to any of us. It does sound as though you need a darn good rest. Thinking of you and sending (((((HUGS)))))



Thanks for hugs Janet, thankfully made it to the weekend and found my spring again today! : ) (((Hugs))) Mish x

Hi Mish, I know hun, it`s a bummer when work are so good at trying to help and you still feel unable to give your best to the job.

Sounds like a good plan, to miss work the day after your treatment. Im sure they`ll accommodate you.

Enjoy the weekend kid.

luv Polx

Thanks Pol. Yep a weekend of food and wine awaits…or is that wine and food that will always put a smile back on your face eh? Mish x

Hi, I know we have similarities in our history, diagnosed June, work in a school, started Rebif 2 weeks ago. All I can say is similarities continue, I have cried numerous times in school this week. It is so not me and I think that is making me more upset. I have settled on working mornings and sleeping afternoons with the option of having tue/thur off if I need it. Am so done in!! My injection nurse phoned for my weekly check in and said I’m being too hard on myself and it takes time for your body to adjust to the injections so maybe that is what is happening with you too? It can only get better and only 14 sleeps until we break up as one of the children told me today. C xx

Hi C Sorry your feeling so bad to. Sounds like your school are trying to be understanding which does help, even if we are keeping Kleenex in business. Yep work have said to take Tuesday and Thursdays off leading up to christmas too, just to help me get used to new meds without worrying. Luckily i mainly work mornings anyway. Ah see the similarities continue. My nurse popped in to see me today to see how things are going so had chance for a good chat. I am going to try injecting early evening to see if that helps the following day, rather than mid evening. Ah yes 14 sleeps til we break up…will start my count down! Take care sending (((( hugs)))) Mish x