update from violent and the vomits

hi there

i think i’ve cracked it. took my tablet 1 hour ago and no v or v

i had porridge with 2 fresh figs, took my tec and then straight away had a peanut butter sandwich, all interspersed with coffees.

i had a sick bucket (made of a litter bin lined with a sturdy carrier bag) at the ready and probably that reassurance was what i needed.

tried to phone gp to ask for anti sickness meds but they were closed.

anyhoo i’ve done it!!!

carole x


I’ll stop searching the web for up coming tour tickets

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Glad you’re felling better this time.

Does that mean you’ve made the other band members redundant?? (no luck with the brains by the way)

Cherry x

I’m glad you are feeling better Carole - but I was all set to be a groupie.

Oh well - back to my boring job then

JBK xx