My new blog!


Hope you are all as well as can be! My initial plan of spreading awareness about MS is going very slow at the moment, so I thought about blogging!

Have a read and pass on to others, never know may be really helpful?




good luck with the blog!

with regards to public awareness of MS, here in canada, we lay claim to having the world’s largest population of people with MS (what a wonderful thing!)

consequently, public awareness is fairly high and is seemingly growing. every so often the local oil change chain of shops ‘Mr Lube’ offers dollars toward the MS Society; same too with the burger chain ‘A&W’ and the general shop ‘London Drugs’.

These are several main stream, high street shops, all giving monies to the MS cause and heightening the awareness through posters and radio adverts. And they are just the ones i have heard about in the last 6 months or so.

i thought it worth mentioning, as MS’ers aren’t being shunned as not being sexy enough to care about, quite as much as we once were.

oh and incidentally, i wrote a comment on one of your blog posts, tried to preview it and it disappeared. i am disinclined to write it out again. you might want to fix that glitch :slight_smile: