MS Week - the story so far...

Aye ooop forumites. I though you might be interested in this blog post about MS Week.

(There’s another video depicting another MS symptom going live a little later on today as well.)

Greg [admin]

Thanks Greg. I’ve been following… and sharing… of Facebook and Twitter. The films are great. Sand in my wellies… yes yes yes!!!

Pat x

Glad you like them Pat - it all seems to be going pretty well - the symptoms videos are telling a story which seems to be resonanting with people affected by MS AND public who aren’t. Quite hard to achieve that balance.


MS week, what MS week, as a person living with MS, also a member of the MS Society, and The MS Resource Centre, I had no idea it was MS week, so the message must be getting out to the general public, I don’t think.

As last year a complete non event.

How simple and cost effective it would have been to send out car stickers/posters, advertising the event, maybe next year, but not holding my breath, as I suggested it last year, but those in the ivory towers, just live in their own cosseted little worlds.

Nice work if you can get it.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

Oh dear Chris

One can only assume that you havent made much of an effort to be aware of whats going on around you.

I am also familiar with MSS and MSRC-check their website-been a couple of speakers this week. I was at a local cake break on Tue.

I have mixed feelings re an MS Awareness week-as you say, u live with it daily,as do I. But in general chit chat I think others (my family and friends) learn more from me than any campaign. However, thats not to say that having a specific week for Joe Public is a bad thing.

I am also aware of International Pie Day and Stalker Day-all news that was in media. I should point out that I rarely watch TV and its even rarer that I buy a newspaper-am kinda old fashoined that way and talk with folk

Others of course watch TV and read papers-I dont need to do it all-natural convo soon brings intersting topics-old and new.