Good post on Everyday Living

Some of you may find this interesting: (or click on Everyday Living and look for HOW LONG HAS EVERYONE HAD MS).

As you can tell from the title, it’s about how long people have had MS, but also about how they are now.

Karen x

Thank you for posting this Karen.

I think it is so scary for those of us newly DX’d, or going through a DX… or not even having anything concrete, so just sat in limbo.

I love reading stories like those you have linked to!

I just went to a jazzercise class tonight because I hadn’t been for two weeks due to feeling so tired and stiff but I made an effort tonight and was glad I did because it didn’t make me feel any worse physically but made me feel better mentally.

I felt a lttle bit sad near the end that I did struggle, when I could do the classes with ease only a few months ago, but I also thought, actually, at least I am still going. Even if I can’t do the whole session, I am, at least, doing what I can do.

It’s so good to have reminders every now and then from those who have lived with MS for years and are still able to walk, even with a stick for help and are not totally reliant on carers and wheelchairs.

It’s so easy to feel down in the beginning.

Thank you :slight_smile:

i personaly find any excuse to get out of the house makes me feal mentaly better if only for a while. But its so much better then sitting and staring at the same four walls day in day out. I think thats the one thing that bothers me most of all…