Not yet dx

Oh where to start? This is my first post on here so have no idea where to start. Had some worrying symptoms last may that left me unable to walk. Months down the line 3 appts with the neuro and an abnormal MRI I’m facing that I " probably" have ms. I’m struggling tho and seem to be losing ‘me’ due to fatigue and low mood. Help! How does anyone stop this from totally invading every part and decision in your life??

Hi Jojo1

Well, its a difficult one. We all deal with it differently.

You are understandably upset and worried, and being ‘in limbo’ is no fun at all, its all, ifs and buts, and its so hard not to catastrophise.

However, most of us learn how to cope a little better as time goes on, because, frankly, we have no choice. Life changes for everyone, ms or no ms, and we all have adjustments to make, and mountains to climb.

Try finding a way of distracting yourself from time to time, and avoid the worse case scenario thinking (hard, I know) at least a little bit each day, and remember that life can still be good, great even on occassion, regardless.

Best wishes xx

Thank you so much for your reply and support. You are right, distraction is the key. I find people tell me to stay positive but I honestly can’t think of anything positive to say about ms. Xxx

I was amazed at Anon’s response as even if someone has MS at least they are alive and it will not kill them, surely that’s a positive! Janet x