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New post on my blog about ‘my’ MS

Hi Gill

Can I make an observation - not on the blog but on your sales pitch?!

When you post your link, be so bold as to assume that people will be interested and give them a sentence on what it’s about to entice them into clicking.

Greg [admin]

Hi Gill, just read your blog and it’s great!

Greg’s right… you need to talk it up a bit!

If people knew it was about first symptoms and how you got dx you would get more interest.

Well done you! Very readable and descriptions are very good.

Pat x

Hi Gill, I’ve just read your blog too and I will be following it, I agree with Pat, it’s very good, a lot of people will be able to relate to it and it might even help to educate non ms’ers.

Must say, I have to agree with Greg, it didn’t catch my eye straight away, I could have missed a good read there!


Oooh thanks people, I’m not very good at this but I’ll give it a go.

I’m constantly amazed at how many people read my blog, and all the different countries they are from! I’ll have a think …

Just put a new post up, hope it’s better!



I run a website, I have SPMS and had to stop work in Jan and started website in Feb.

I’ve learnt a lot about the internet. Blogs are great and I do like what you have written. You have a very natural style, its easy to read. One thing , never under-esimate the attention span of an internet user. Thewy are just itching to click on the X in the TRHC or back arrow in the TLHC.

Make your blogs a bit shorter and try to use headings so people can speed read, skim over what bores them and then read the detail of what is interesting.

Keeo it up, its great fun. You can always submit a guest article onto my werbsite about trials and tribulations of MS, no more than 600 words please.

Incidentally my vision is squiffy, nearly always see double. Got to get a patch for typing and other close up work.

Good luck,