My Life With MS Youtube Videos


Hi everyone!

I was diagnosed in April 2012 with RRMS.

I wouldn't really label myself as newly diagnosed but according to others I still am. 

During my diagnosis and to this day I find it very comforting to know that there are others out their who are going through similar things and can offer support and advice to me.

Although I recieve excellent support from my medical team and my family and friends it is nice to talk to people who are going through the same things as you as they tend to have a greater understanding of your feeling and fears.

To get to the point of this long ramble..... I have been making videos on Youtube documenting My life with MS. Talking about everything really, anything that relates to me and my MS is up for discussion, even things that you may not feel are directly related to MS.

I found others' videos were a great support to me and still do find them amazing to watch. It is a great way to communicate with others and I would hope my videos offer support and comforting to those who are going along the same path as I am.

I would love for you all to go and check them out and hopefully enjoy them!

My channel is


Much love, Gillian xoxo

hi gillian, watched your wee video there. I like your positive attitude towards MS, its something that im still working on (just got diagnosed) You from G town?

Thanks, believe me its not as easy keeping positive as you would think, it took me a long time to get there and I still struggle at times. Yes I am, are you from Scotland also?

yeah im from glasgow, i try to stay positive and appreciate my "mild symptoms", i go running and i take vit d, i eat healthy, i try to hold it off as much as i can and maybe one day they'll have somethin good. Thats all that can be done i think