my husband, heart attack...not ms

Wayne,my husband, had a heart attack on, an artery had collapsed, he came home yesterrday p.m. it was a big shock! but the doc says he actually has a very,very strong heart,no cholesterol problems and very minimal damage, although it was an extremely severe and serious attack, paramedics and ambulance here in 4 mins!

sorry to hear that, hope your husband recovers very soon.must have been such a shock.

J x

Yes, very big shock for everyone, fortunately my nephew is a theatre tech at the hospital and able to keep me updared almost minute by minute, nephew’s wife also works there in the pharmacy, so no shortage of visitors, lots of his old colleages and some new visited him, almost no room for me! My mum and sister have been over a lot! Some good news last night though, my other nephew and his wife’s baby was born at about 10, thought he was hanging on to be born on the same date as his brother (20th) so they must be getting fed up of my family!

Alison x

Oh Alison, what a shock for you. (And him obviously!) I’m glad he’s strong and is recovering.


Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery and to you too hun.


Yes,more of a shock for him but yes doctor said his previous fitness was a factor he is doing as he’s told at the moment!

Thanks Poll, I’m ok and Wayne is doing well…baby Jack OK too!

Alison x

Good stuff Alison - glad he’s doing so well - my Dad (74) died suddenly 3 years ago from a massive cardiac arrest and wasn’t too well a few days before but he had colitis and diabetes and we kinda put it down to an infection but now when i think about it, his heart must have been giving up - on last nights 24hrs in A&E, a gentleman had the same symptoms as my Dad - very cold and shivery, same as Dad, before he died and it maybe was his heart playing up but I guess we have no control over some things…

That must have been a terrible shock for you Alison. Hope your hubby feels better soon.

Excellent that the ambulance got to you in 4mins. Bet that was a long 4mins for you.

H xx

Certainly a massive difference to the 70’s, my dad died aged 38. Very good that there is no disease and doc says he has a very strong heart and can drive from tomorrow, rather than 4 weeks!

Yes, big shock but hei s doing well, ambulance arrived that quickly because they are stationed at the church car park, they couldn’t land the air ambulance as it was too misty, I think it was quicker anyway! we are close enough to the motorway, so to be honest there didn’t seem to be any wait, extremely efficient.

So good that he’s doing well. Do they have any idea what caused it though?

Yes, his artery collapsed, but did very minimal damage, no disease or blockage, medication but no requirment for surgery, the Prof seems to think his previous fitness and the fact that he lost 4 stone after he was dx with diabetes certainly helped but basically stress (accumulated, from the jobs that he has done…not from living with me!)

Ah right! Now you say that, I remember you said the artery collapsed, I should have re-read your first post more thoroughly. I did read it again but brain skipped over the relevant bit, typical, right?