My headache update...

Well I’ve still got it… 12 days now, so went back to GP… again… saw a different GP this time. He was much more helpful! He did a few tests and wants to rule out Temporal Arteritis, he says I’m a bit young as it only really affect the over 50’s but he’s testing anyway.


He’s phoned my neuro for an emergency appointment!! He said is could be MS related and thinks I should see my neuro a lot sooner (my next routine apointment is April 2013)

So I’m quite pleased with that… :slight_smile:

Its about time too, you’ve had a few setbscks recently.I’m glad ir went ok ((hugs)) Frank.

Yeh, that`s good news!

I`ll have to google temporal arteritis.not heard of it.

luv Pollx

Thanks Frank & Poll x

I noticed on the letter he faxed over, the GP added on in pen S.O.L?? Any idea what that means??

Total guess signs of lesions?

I thikn I’ve found what it means… or I’ve found A medical explaination of SOL that fits!! Space Occupying Lesion… it doesn’t look good so hope its not that!!! The perils of google!! lol!

Hi Jules,

It was my headache that led me to the doctors and now awaiting my first neuro appt. I had the pain in my right temple for many months, normally for about 5 weeks then it would go for about the same time then come back again. It’s like a knawing pain in the temple bone - just wondered if this is what you’re experiencing?

Sounds like your GP is on the ball so that’s good and as you say, Google is either an enemy or a friend depending on what you find lol.

Just wanted to share that with you. My blood tests for Temporal Artritis came back negative thank goodness as it would have meant high dose steroids.

Good luck with it all and I hope you get a break from your headache soon

Alison x

Thanks Alison. The pain started off very migraine like, but now it is around teh temple area like its getting squashed if that makes sense!! Glad you didn’t have temporal artritis, I hope I don’t too… or the SOL!!! I’m hoping its just a migraine thats gone on a bit long. Going by a few people on here, that seems to be common. Are you still getting the headaches then?

Good luck with your neuro appt!