Migraine....Urgh !

I think my ‘remission’(?) is on it’s way out :s started with the usual odd thing or two yesterday ( doing things I can’t remember; odd speech etc) and massive head and neck pain. Now I’ve got a brain of fire :s I think if I could put my head in a bucket of cold water I would :wink: Anyway, I can’t complain, I’ve had 4/5 great weeks where I felt pretty much ‘normal’; it was fab :smiley: In other news, MRI tomorrow morning, I will be glad to get that out of the way. Now, don’t know about you, but, I’ve worked out a way of finding out if there’s anything new on an MRI. I ask the person(after the scan) ,‘was everything ok?’. Now, if they say ‘oh I couldn’t possibly say’…that means yep there’s something there. If they say ‘all looks good to me’, then it’s all alright. So that’s my code :wink: that’s how it goes here. Lol Hope everyone has had a great weekend so far. I’m off to fan my own brow with a lettuce leaf…ttfn xx

Good luck with the MRI tomorrow Beverly. Got a spare lettuce leaf for me :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m growing a few. On the lottie, you can have a full one :slight_smile: xx

Well, I’ve spent most of today sleeping, dizziness is back :s feeling a bit drunk feeling, speech and word finding is back. Bah! Oh well, great timing for the MRI eh? Xx

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Hello all. The migraine from hell itself is still here :s OMG! It’s awful. Anyhoo, had my MRI, from the looks on the faces of the three people who did it, I presume I’ve got a few more lesions. It’s so funny I can always tell, that’s what psychology gets you; an extremely nosey nose :slight_smile: Hopefully this mother of all migraines showed up too. I would have appreciated them offering me a tranquilising dart or something! I was eyeing up the nitrous oxide in the waiting room lol :wink: Glad that’s over :slight_smile: so noisy and then they boom down the headphones ‘you alright?!’…well, I was till you did that yeah :confused: It’s defo the MS creeping in. Balance rubbish. Legs wobbly and left one playing it’s tricks again. Feel absolutely rubbish…that is all ;). Xxx

Aww Beverly, it’s a bummer this MS, isn’t it. If I was you, I’d be feeling a treat coming on :slight_smile: ((((((hugs))))))

Dyou know, Blossom? I think you’re right :wink: woke up today and head pain has eased up. It’s still there, but feels like I’ve got my head submerged in water. Very odd. Anyhoo, I think ( now I think about it) it was kicked off by tiredness and stress. Tiredness due to the holiday and sorting the allotment when I first got it. Stress due to an uncomfortable situation I had to deal with last week. I’m hoping now that it will start to fade off a bit. How are you all coping with the heat? It was 40 C in my garden yesterday. I stayed in all day with the fan on. Xx

Well, a bleary-eyed morning and hello from this newbie. I have had 1 appt with a Neurologist (whilst awaiting MRI brain/c.spine) who did various manual tests and made me feel like I was wasting his time. I have been laughing my head off (not that I do that much more recently) about the “Migraine Urgh” post. Thank you! I have never been a poorly individual or visited the GP for anything other than anxiety when my Father passed away in January 2014. (I resigned from my post in the NHS to care for my Father and miss him so much, but I have accepted this now and want to move on in life). I have never had any scans or investigations and the MRI left me shell shocked. I felt ill before I went to the appointment, but when I came out I felt light headed, visual disturbance and unsteady on my feet. I have a horrendous headache today. Just wanted to ask Beverley f or any other members has the MRI ever made you feel like that? My symptoms pretty much mirrors Beverley f and that is why I posted here. Considering the symptoms I have had recently I hope they find a better scanning method in the future as the MRI has actually exacerbated my symptoms, but hope this will subside in a few days. I also cannot stand the heat and cancelled my holiday to Cyprus. I am feeling some pressure from a family member to get back to work and physically/mentally feel it would be a risk to me and my colleagues. I am trying to be a “Warrior”, NOT a “Worrier”, bad day I suppose. Sorry this is so long.

Hi Denise

Very sorry to hear about your father. My mother passed away nearly 3 years ago when I was 26 and I had been helping care for her so I can relate to how you feel.

Your comment about the MRI scan really struck a chord with me. YES I always feel horrendous after an MRI scan. Ater each one it left me feeling light headed, dizzy and just plain rubbish for a good couple of days. It always makes me laugh when the technician says there are no known side effects! Yeah right.

You make sure you do things when you feel ready. Look after number 1, that’s what we’re always being told!

Best wishes to you.

Gemma xx

Hi Gemma-Jayne. Thank you for your kind words. So I am not going mad then! It’s been a difficult day with pains in my head. I feel it must all be related to whatever is going on with my health because nothing normally bothers me. I just feel such a wimp, but have to take things easy and listen to my body. I have always put others first now it is my turn to concentrate on me. I do hope you had a smooth day.