just back from hosp

Just got back from seeing the neuro consultant , he told me he thinks I have migraine… he is sending me for a MRI scan and told me not to drink tea or coffee of caffeine drinks… the symptoms I have are : numbness in left side of face , loss of balance , feel tired and lethargic, blurred vision ,forget what I am talking about mid conversation , dropping things, I do also have benign tremor.He tapped my legs and looked in my eyes , talked that fast I feel he didnt really listen to me I didnt have time to think about my replies rushed me through …my appt was 8.30 and i was home at 9.05 living 20 mins from the hosp.dont know what to think. I will have to wait for the MRI and hope he is right in his diagnosis.

Hi Bethy1,

I suffer from pretty terrible migraine, and it was really hard for the neuro’s to establish what was causing what. I get all the symptoms you get too, and a few more. Migraine can be devastating, so don’t feel you are being fobbed off if this is the initial, working, diagnosis.

At least he is sending you for an MRI. If there is anything else going on, it will probably show up on there, and migraine can sometimes cause lesions too, so hopefully he will be able to make a clearer diagnosis afterwards.

In the meantime, its worth following his advice regarding caffeine, cut it right down if you can.

Neuro’s are a funny breed, my current one is lovely, (but no real bedside manner), but most are not so lucky, and many people come away feeling much worse than when they went in! Try not to worry too much, and keep an open mind, hopefully you won’t have to wait too long for the mri, although the wait afterwards can be agonising!

Meantime, see your GP if your ‘migraine’ symptoms are persisting - there may be something they can give you to help whilst you are waiting.

Take care x

Thank you for your reply Hunny will just have to wait and see what happens with the Mri, I know I should be pleased in a sense but would a migraine with no headache really make me feel this bad for so long.

I’ve read that migraine, including painless, can cause all sorts of symptoms. The MRI should support or not support the DX.