3 best days in a long time

Had to let you know I’ve just had the 3 best days I’ve had in ages. Alright, still had limp(not as bad) and ears hissing and the odd trip, but, other than that it was bliss. I cooked loads of lovely things, gardening, walking ( with walker) and just generally felt a bit more human. :slight_smile: Today, the hissing has got worse, sparkles and patterns in peripheral vision and a bit starey but not as bad. I’m presuming because I’m tired after all extra activity. It’s been great. I worked out that that relapse lasted 7/8 weeks, so I’m glad it’s gone! It was the worst I’ve ever had I must admit. It’s MRI day tomorrow, I’m hoping this is the definate diagnoser! Great timing really after that horrible relapse. Hope you are all doing ok xxxx

Whoopee Beverley!!! Happy to hear you’ve had a few good days…long may they last

Noreen xx

Thankyou :slight_smile: so do I. Phoned my Mum( haven’t been able to chat on the phone in ages as speech sounds even worse over the phone when it’s bad lol), Mum didn’t know who I was lol! :smiley: also chatted to my Bro and my Sis in law :slight_smile: it’s the little things I miss really. The daft, un obvious things that are done without paying much thought to it. Like, I’m gonna phone such n such or walk upstairs etc. anyhoo, MRI tomorrow, hopefully get some sort of treatment soon. Thanks Noreen. I hope you’re alright xx

I hope you don’t have to wait too long for MRI results and you finally get a definite diagnosis. It sounds crazy, telling someone you hope they get their diagnosis. At least it allows you to move on because there ain’t no going back is there.

I’m pestered with headaches…think they have just become the norm for me now. Taking Topiramate in a minute, which will turn me into a Zombie and knock me out Lol

Felt a bit down today and I don’t really know why…not like me. Think it’s just been one of them days.

Noreen xx

Aw Hun, big hugs to you. I think half the time it just makes you feel that way. Must be something to do with emotion part of brain. I know how you must feel. Try and do something nice for yourself, chocolate works for me. I think I’m going to make a chocolate cake later. The hospital just phoned and cancelled the MRI due to technical difficulties :s that’s so annoying! So I will be having a chocolate moment at some point today :slight_smile: you’re so lovely, I hope your day turns out to be a great one xxxx

Sorry to hear the MRI has been cancelled, hope you don’t have to wait too long for the next one. So frustrating, when you get built up to have something like that done.

Chocolate cake Beverley…now your talking my language will it be one of them with the hard chocolate coating, that cracks and makes a sort of snapping noise when the knife breaks through it…I’m drooling Fresh cream??

I’ve been out for lunch with my daughter. I had melted brie and cranberry on toasted bread with side salad, then my daughter forced me to have icecream lol.

My husband has made a vegetable korma for later, he will strangle me if I don’t make an effort lol.

Enjoy your cake xx

Yes, I do love a chocolate coating :slight_smile: it’s ok, I will eat a piece for you lol. By the sounds of it you’ve done alright with some lovely food…and a curry! Nope, I don’t feel guilty about the cake at all :wink: x Yes, very annoying but nothing new really is it, the whole roller coaster of a ride this all is. Ah well, things happen for a reason don’t they. Have an enjoyable evening, if you’re anything like me, you may be in a food coma later :wink: xxxx

Yes, I always believe things happen for a reason. I used to like roller coasters lol :slight_smile: You were right about the food coma…I felt sick :frowning: My husband was hovering over me, watching me help myself to his lovely Korma and rice. I’m trying to spread it out on my dish to make it look a lot lol :slight_smile: Did I get away with it? No!! " Is that all your having"… “why do I bother” he said. Guess what I’m having for dinner today? :slight_smile: Noreen X