My GP won't prescribe

Very nice GP but frustrating she won’t do anything off the book. Chronic constipation - having to use 2 suppositories to get any relief. Not prepared to go down peristeen route yet. Anyway I have heard Aralax is a suppository that is supposed to be better. But she won’t prescribe grrrrrr. This constipation is making me so uncomfortable, angry and scared - previous blockage that caused me to open my bowels in Aldi - luckily incontinent knickers on so minimised embarrassment - but boy did I smell!!! Anyway my question is does anyone know whether the Scottish GP who prescribes LDN will prescribe other things too I.e. Aralax Off to make a curry now - a hot one - maybe that will unblock me !!! Thanks for reading Min x

I don’t know but he will listen and consider your request I would have thought.


yes-am sure he will listen. to discuss with him wont be free! my friend had a consultation with him-wasnt cheap-and she didnt go back again.

as an aside-i use peristeen-i like it because theres no drugs involved at all.

hope u find a suitable solution for u

ellie x

Thanks your speedy replies - I will phone Scottish GP tomorrow Minxx

Try lactulose, it works a treat

Movicol is very good for making sure you don’t get constipated (adds fluid to the stool) and I don’t think it would be a problem getting this prescribed. Just mix and drink if you think you could be starting to get a problem.

Mags :slight_smile: xx

Thanks again for your replies Min xx

Have you got an ms nurse?

If so could she write to your gp asking him to prescribe it. Anything that my nurse asks for the gp does without question.


Min, have you thought of trying Colonic lrrigation. You might find - on line - someone near you. l know of peeps who have tried it and they felt so much better afterwards. Once completely cleared - you might be able to re-educate your bowels - try a different food regime.

Have you tried Golden Linseeds - they need to be dry-roasted then ground to maximise the effect. They taste really nutty - and can be sprinkled on to banana and yogurt or cereal - or put into a fruit smoothie.

l can vouch for the peristeen kit - it does work - takes a few attempts to get the hang of it - but it will give you the option of emptying your bowels when you want - and not when they decide to ‘let’ you down.

l have said it before - but l do think the bladder/bowel problems we have are the worst side of this disease. There was a very interesting post on here about Sacral Neuromodulation - a brand new treatment that helps with both types of incontinence. l googled it and found a hospital not far from me that does it. Shall mention it to my GP - in hopes!!


Movicol seems to work for some people with MS, perhaps you could discuss with your GP? The other thing that is worth adding to your diet is additional fibre, porridge topped with lots of prunes is recommended in our household.


Branflakes are good, within 48 hours of having them it usualy gets things moving. A bowl a day will soon sort you out and doesn’t come on a prescription!

Have you thought of using a natural remedy? I had terrible constipation then my husband was given a kombuca plant to grow (it isn’t a real plant, it looks more like a piece if slimey rubber). You make a drink out of it and have a small amount before each meal. It keeps you regular, you can find out more about it on line. Good luck.

Lynne xx

I’m pleased so many of you have found your own solutions. I have tried many already with no success. Campion - didn’t get on with colonic irritation. Still got the kit as may need it in the future. Spoke to Scottish GP and emailed to request prescription of arolax. So fingers crossed he can and also that it works. Thanks again Min xx

Hi, constipation and I are old friends!

My last severe bout was due to 6 days of not going. This was followed by a 2.5hr painful attempt at evacuating just 1 very large stool.

Now I`ve been told to ring district nurses if I havent been up to 3 days and they will give me a small enema. My GP was against Peristeen.

I am finding that if I eat 1 or 2 fresh figs with a large bowl of all bran, plus a banana for brekkie, sometimes with a movicol, I go ok.

It`s a horrible problem indeed, and has caused me to miss my precious 2 days out a week. I have been known to have to spend up to an hour, cleaning up after poo which is too loose!

Such elegant lives we lead, eh?

Hope the arrolax works. Sounds like it has arrowroot in, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll sorry that you are a fellow constipation sufferer. I posted th below on a different thread by choco orange I think - might not be bl…y memory give it back. So here is my update: I am currently fighting my GP for arolax. I am determined to win. Hideous bowel problems and the treatment that they have prescribed doesn’t work effectively. Please no posts about what has worked for you pleased that they have worked for you but I have tried them all. So now my crazy dangerous strategy is to stop eating. Haven’t eaten for 6 days. No more worry about my bowels I have nothing to poo - euykk sorry. Feel fantastic not having to wear hideous incontinence pants. I feel normal again in normal knickers. Vomited the last time I tried to eat realising how stupid I am being Going to deliver a letter to my GP tomorrow about my stupid strategy. If she still won’t prescribe. Iam going to ask for a prescription of supplement drinks. What a waste of money. £1.80 a bottle and to meet my nutritional requirements i will need 5 supplement drinks and 30mls procal shot 3 times a day. I am only asking for a new better suppository which many patients are using - not ms have had fantastic results risk. Is it going to kill me??? Bl…dy doctors. I believe the hipocratic oath says doctors should do no harm. Well she has is certainly harming me. Please don’t reply how stupid I am being I already know Hugs Min xx

Hi Min

Think you should make an appointment with your GP to discuss your new strategy as a matter of urgency.

Secondly have you thought about changing your GP? You might get one who is a bit more understanding.

Good luck.

Bonnie thanks. I hand delivered an urgent letter to a doctor first thing this morning. No appointments available. She knows me but not my regular as she doesn’t work Thursdays. In my letter I have explained my stupid strategy all because she refused to prescribe a potential better suppository. For goodness sakes it’s only a suppository. what harm can it do me??? Now I’m nauseous not only opening my fridge, in the supermarkets but reading recipes!!! In my letter I have informed her that my next appointment this Friday will be my last as she has let me down so badly. There is a different lovely GP in the practice who I will make my regular GP. Thanks again everyone for all your help Hugs Min xx

I have suffered for many years with constipation and nothing ever made me go. But have been taking super probiotic 20 tablets from Healthspan for a few months now and they have made the world of difference. Much higher does than taking the drinks or yoguart. My cousin is a naturopath and it was her who suggest them. On the grounds that if your insides are working as the should then no toxins are building up in your body which can do you harm


Well my situation is obviously not an emergency - not even a phone call from my next best GP. Liquid diet is working for me - coffee, hot chocolate and Gin!!! Obviously stupid. But no bowel fear any more. Managed to meet a friend tonight in normal knickers. Last time I saw her I took Imodium and wore incontinent pants. I am just so so cross sorry for venting. Seeing my GP tomorrow. Well her actions of not prescribing have resulted in an equal and opposite reaction - is that newtons law.? I will inform her that I have been forced into this crazy strategy. Obviously not meeting my nutritional requirements and if a nutritional screening tool was completed I would come out at high nutritional risk So I will say stuff the aralax I am past caring. Quite happy on my liquid diet and ask for a prescription of nutritional supplements. Or I will be at risk of becoming malnourished. Nutritional supplements are safe to prescribe - but she will probably come up with some dictatorial NICE rubbish that I have brought it on myself against her recommendations. I can’t eat - last time I vomited. Nauseous looking in my fridge at the supermarket and now reading recipes!!! Sorry I feel that I am probably repeating myself! Cannot believe what this situation has turned me into. Again sorry for venting I am just so cross and need to get it off my chest. Another gin me thinks Hugs Min xx