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Hi One week post hysterectomy and prolapse repair and suffering very badly with constipation. Have tried everything incl movicol which I take anyway,Lactose,senna, lots of water, diet etc. So uncomfortable! If anyone has had this and solved it,would be so grateful to hear your advice. I am able to walk a short distance , have Baclofen pump and supra public catheter. Have taken only paracetamol for pain. Many thanks in anticipation. MS for 14 yrs) Heather

Sorry Heather I haven’t got an answer for you.

But, just wanted to send best wishes and hope you get better soon.


Chia seeds on everything works for me. About a teaspoon a day .

Aw Heather. How horrible. So I assume ‘pushing’ is a bit difficult? Abdominal operations are the absolute worst for dealing with constipation.

Do you have a bowel and bladder nurse who you can ask for help from?

Have you tried glycerin suppositories? They might help - sort of ‘grease’ the way for reluctant poo! You can buy them from chemists (or supermarkets) or have them prescribed by your GP. You need a certain amount of manual dexterity as they are slippery little buggers! But they can be just what you need, they’re a sort of starter gun for the poo!

Or you could ask your GP for micro-enemas. A bit more welly than glycerin, as well as easier to use.

If it goes on for long and is a constant problem, you could try an irrigation system like Peristeen. ( )

Best of luck.


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HI Heather

I have low blood pressure and therefore can faint at the drop of a hat.

One morning, having a particularly difficult poo, I fainted!

I went to the pharmacy across the road and told the pharmacist my problem.

She asked me to describe the nature of my poo (delightful, eh?).

i told her that it was the pushing that knocked me sideways (off the loo) and i wanted something to make it just drop out.

she recommended Lactulose and it worked.

hope you find something soon

carole x

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Hi Heather,

All of the advice given above is excellent, well worth following, and you have my complete sympathy. Neurogenic Bowel ( the docs words for slow moving MS digestion) one of more frustrating, uncomfortable and painful symptoms, so I’d like to sling in my tuppenceworth.

Glycerol suppositories from your GP are a highly effective method of getting things to move along, so to speak. I use these, in tandem with a drug called Lubiprostone( which is specifically for women experiencing ‘slow transit constipation’) which I take twice a day and was prescribed by my continence nurse specialist - in combination these things often work for me a bit too well at times, and results in a bit of intestinal hurry. Though the Lubiprostone doesn’t work for everyone who takes it, it might be worth trying it out. Ask your GP or Continence Nurse about it.

The last line of defence for me is the Quofora bowel irrigation system again prescribed for me by my continence nurse), which I find better than the Peristeen system, because Peristeen is a bit fiddly for me, given my lack of dexterity.

I hope you find something that works for you,

Nia x

Back in the 70’s there was a sticker in my old school bus which read go faster eat prunes. Being kids we all thought this highly funny but you never know it might work.

Best option though is to have a word with your GP. Hope you feel better soon.

dry figs. I eat organic from sainsburys, works everytime lol. I tried everything else and prunes jeez they make my belly swell. good luck bless you. xxx

Weetabix breakfast cereal helps me or Senekot tablets. I hope you find relief soon.

Try organic prune juic with breakfast and also a small glass of warm water first thing on a morning really helps to get things moving.Also are you drinking enough water as that helps too.


i would try 2 dulcolax. That normally works for me. But be warned you can get runny poop with it. Hope you find a solution xx

Hello, Chia seeds defenatly works for me too, quite a dense glass of chiaseeds(two tea spoons) with warm water every night and just to change the taste abit of orange juice or rose water. If you already have constipation aloe Vera pill with warm water before that will also help. Just remember to leave the chia seeds in water for ten minutes before drinking it. I usually make a bottle of very dense mixture and leave it in the fridge and every night just add a bit of hot water to it. Xxx

Hello Heather.

I’m sorry to hear about your present condition. Hemp seeds, golden linseeds and suppositories may help.

Best wishes.