My GP won't prescribe

Does no one care? Last posted 24 th and its now 28 th with no replies. Here’s an update if anyone cares. GP still won’t prescribe aralax. Saw her last Thursday and Informed her I hadn’t eaten for a week and my bowels were fantastic with this. She prescribed me 3 nutritional supplement drinks Ensure Plus Juice daily. So relived to get some nutrition into me. However they too constipated me hideously. I just hate the discomfort. So I am back on my liquid diet of coffee, hot chocolate and gin. Bowels fantastic no discomfort or fear. In no way am I suggesting anyone else should follow my crazy stupid liquid diet I have been in touch with dialachemist the only distributer of aralax. They tell me gps throughout the country prescribe. They would be happy to talk to my reluctant GP so I will give her my dialachemist contact. Well aware it may not even work Interestingly I am not my GPs most challenging patient. In my last letter to her I said the next appointment with her would be my last as I didn’t want to see her again. She says she still wants to see me!!! Appointment this Thursday. Cried myself to sleep last night and crying now So upset Min xx


i do care and have read/replied to u previously.

as you have found out you need to act/beg/do things for yourself. here is a great support frr emotional/mental problems but for physical issues you need to approach those nearby who can realistically help you practically.

thats blatant but honest,in my opinion.

i want to reassure you that folk DO care by reading your post but perhaps they dont know how to help so think its best to say nowt. its safer and prob right!

you take of you and do what is right for you.

hugs ellie x

You posted Oct 23rd [quote=“flowerfairymin”] [. Please no posts about what has worked for you pleased that they have worked for you but I have tried them all.] [/quote]

l think you would have got more replies if you had not told us to post about what has worked for us - and so many of us do suffer this problem - it is a big part of ms - bladder and bowel issues. l have had spms for 30yrs - and have found this the worst part of this disease. lt prevents so many of us from leading a ‘normal’ life. There is a new therapy available which will help us - it is Sacral Neuromodulation - google it. lt has been offered to someone on this site - and l looked it up. lt works for bladder and bowel control. Which will help so many of us.

You know what you are doing is not an answer - hot coffee and chocolate is not too bad but the gin will only make you morose and depressed. l can assure you - we do all feel for you - dealing with GP’s etc can be very frustrating - we want an instant answer - not be fobbed off.

Prunes and figs - lots of hot water with lemon juice in it. Golden linseeds/yoghurt - probiotic acidophillus [holland and barrett]

Cut out carbs - bread/cake biscuits - they slow down your system - clog everything up. Plenty of dark green veg/salad and dark red berries. Glycerine suppositories. lf things are still not working - look up someone local to you who does Colonic lrrigation - lt might take more then one attempt - but it will empty you and you will feel so much better


Thanks guys and sorry too reading back I was snappy Husband home after 2 1/2 weeks away. He understands what I am doing and why. Not totally happy and has persuaded me to have some soup. I had 1/2 tin of lobster bisque for lunch and it was delicious!!! Min xx

hi min

i was once so constipated that i couldnt eat. managed a bowl of cornflakes but not much else.

it’s horrible to feel so bunged up.

hope you get some relief

carole x

Saw my GP again yesterday. She still won’t prescribe! She has tried her best but says she can’t. I haven’t eaten a meal for 2 weeks this Thursday. Past 3 days surviving on 1 tin of soup per day. Plus coffee hot chocolate and gin. Bowels fantastic - no horrible so uncomfortable constipation or incontinence pants. On a positive I have lost weight - yeah - back to the weight I was when I met my husband. GPs action is to refer me back to the consultant who prescribed the ineffective suppositories for me - as an emergency!!! What an absolute waste of time for a busy consultant. She has already spoken to him on the phone about me. Why doesn’t he say ok prescribe for her other gps do. I think it’s probably because he doesn’t know enough about it. Thanks for reading again Hugs Minxx

hiya min

sorry you have got an ‘official’ treatment as yet.

i can only guess re gp reluctance/refusal to prescribe…it doesnt matter what other gps precribe cos it is their registration that is important to them-as it should be! its complicated! theres alot goes on behind that we are not aware of,not directly our issue, but involves us indirectly.

*argh-its not easy-join me for a cuppa? and cake of course-only have 2 pieces left-surely u will share my birthday cake?!

hang on in there…

ellie x

Hi Ellie - yes you are probably right - don’t know exactly what goes on behind closed GPs doors. I will take you up on your offer of a cup of tea - milk 2 sugars please. But sorry no cake although I’m sure it is delicious. Going to phone my ms nurse with 6 years continence experience. Also re emailed Scottish doctor for any progress on him prescribing for me. Thanks again Hugs Minx Ps hope you had a good birthday

flowerfaireymin, have you tried EXLAX chocolate, it never fails to work in about an hour or so, it usually gives me a little crampy tummy for 10 seconds then it really kicks in, it actually tastes really nice but when you take it don’t go out because when you have got to go you have GOT TO GO!!!

Hi Anon - thanks for this I’ve tried diabetic chocolate - is Elax the same? The Aralax mystery deepens - evidently it is the same stuff as the bicosodyl. But the bicosodyl is the same drug just mixed with an old fashioned animal fat filler - so it is slow to disolve and work. Arolax is same drug but with a newer quicker to dissolve filler so works more quickly and better. Makes perfect sense to me. Blimey all this fuss over a newer better drug - no wonder medicine moves so slowly. My Scottish GP will prescribe!!! BUT it will be a private prescription for the cost of £200 for 10 - so that will be £20 a poo!!! Not sure I am willing to pay that yet. When my crazy liquid diet is working so well for me - now with added soup since my husband got home!!! Thanks for reading Min xx