My DLA has been approved. I'm so relieved!

This is short and sweet.

After a exhausting grilling from my counsellor this morning , I returned to find my DLA application has been approved ! I can get a hand control car which will improve my quality of life! I’m relieved that someone can see from the outside what i’m going through and wants to help…I’m so happy

Oh yes! This really is great news for you.

What kind of car do you think you`ll get?

luv POllx

Congratulations Davey Great result! Teresa xx

What a good day today has turned into

Having something like freedom to look forward to will do you the world of good.


great news Dave enjoy your new freedom, can I ask how LNG your dla took to come through?

Well done, freedom here it comes (:o)



Thanks guys!

It’s had me smiling all day ! I’m looking for a seat of vw with hand controls…

Deanne, my application took just over 6 weeks !

That’s great news Davey, happy motoring here you go…



When you have cars adapted with hand controls etc do you have to sit a retest and how do I go about getting it done?

Well done, enjoy it, it really does help in opening up the world to you again. Hand controls take a while to get used to but are marvelous when you do. Try to get a car with cruise control as that helps too.

BW, Mary