a good week - DLA outcome


A very good evening folks, I have been keeping my head down and reading rather than commenting but thought you might like a small update and my good news.  At the back end of the year, I was supported to complete my DLA application and get it away.  Needless to say, the wheels of the department of work and pensions tend to run slowly.

In the interim, made the decision to drop from 5 days to 4 days starting at the beginning of the month, a new year and all that!  Anyway, enjoyed the past two weeks, Wednesday being my rest day.  I was aware that there would be a big drop in the income but there is more to life that money.  Anyway, with the better half had stopped smoking which helped.

Last Thursday, a letter drops throught the post confirming that I have been awarded high rate mobility and low rate care - woo hoo, you could have knocked me down with a feather.  The wife and I went hunting for cars today and take delivery of a new car within the next couple of weeks.  Wanted to share the news with you good people.


Good for you Willie, at last some good news on the site.



Very well done, itsnt it nice when some good news comes and life is made easier.  Im so pleased for you, enjoy the new car.  Im hoping to get mine in april of this year (:o)




Hi Willie, well done with the dla, now I’m just wondering if you chose the car or if your wife did! You knw what women are like! Motability is fab cos they deal with everything.
I love good news Willie.

Fantastic news.



Congratulations!!! happy2

Karen x


I'm really pleased for you, congratulations  happy2

Janet x

cheers folks. I chose the car, the wife was happy and she chose the colour - all are happy lol


Sounds like a good, happy compromise, lol.

Congratulations I'm so pleased for you and I hope the car helps you gain some freedom to get out and about - mine has.

DLA has been a wonderful supportive scheme and I hope PIP will prove as valuable.

Mary xxx