My Daughter Wanted To Share this Poem.

My best friend of 42 years passed away last week.My daughter who is 10 is heart broken as I am.

My daughter said I should share her choice of poem fir her Aunty Deborah with you all.

Bethanys poem for her Aunty Deborah.

My Aunty Deborah…

I thought I saw her face today
In the sparkle of the morning sun.
And then I heard the angel say
“Her work on earth is done.”

I thought I heard her voice today
Then laugh her hearty laugh.
And then I heard the angel say
“There’s peace little one at last.”

I thought I felt her touch today
In the breeze that rustled by.
And then I heard the angel say
“The spirit never dies.”

I thought that she had left me
For the stars so far above.
And then I heard the angel say
“She left you with her love.”

I thought that I would miss her
And never find my way.
And then I heard the angel say
“She’s with you every day.”

I will always miss you and love you my heart is broken.xxxx

Hi Jellybean,

So very sorry to hear your sad news, but what a beautiful poem, your daughter sounds a very caring person at such a young age. Must be honest it brought tears to my eyes.



Janet it has made me cry a few times already.

She is broken,my child is so unhappy and stressed,she has a good heart and wanted to share.xxxx


Hi jellybean i am so sorry for yours and your daughters loss. That poem is lovely and brought tears to my eyes sending you both ((((((hugs)))))) X

Awe, that poem is so apt, so lovely, so beautiful as your friend was to you both.

Im sure she will be looking down sending you love as you do her.

Take care, a very fitting poem for a lovely friend who will be sadly missed. Yes she will be with you forever in memories. Lest we never forget.



Hi, that is just beautiful,writing this will help her grieve hopefully and come to terms with losing someone very special to her. Sending hugs to both of you Karen x

Thankyou,I think her sharing things makes her feel that little bit better.As adults we cope better than a child.She had her first experience oh how life can be so cruel.We chat and hug and she feels that little bit better.

She is hurting and I am trying to comfort her.


Hi Charlie, that’s lovely, I’m thinking about you and your daughter. Cheryl:-)

That’s so very sad, losing a friend who’s been part of your life for so long.

I also like the final verse of the poem your daughter’s so wisely chosen:

The sun, the wind, the moon, the stars,
will forever be around,
reminding you of the love you shared,
and the peace they’ve finally found

In a way, your friend’s passing so early, horrid though it is, will help your daughter in years to come. Hopefully she’ll come to terms with the fact that we all die when it’s our time, life in the meantime is for living, we can help ourselves and others to enjoy life, and we all need to hold on to memories of good things.

It’s still very tough for one so young to lose someone so close.

Hoping the pain will start to ease before too long,

Lolli xx

Thankyou everyone.

Ive told her mammy is not leaving her to go to heaven until I am very very old.She wants to know about Aunty Deborahs flowers and were they pritty,bless she is trying to cope and is allowed to cry if she wishes.

She is glad she shared.It made her smile to think others also care.

Thankyou again.