A little bit of INSPERATION.

I had sad news on Tuesday about my best friend of 42 years had passed away on Friday,I have cried ever since.I had to pluck up the courage to tell my babygirl the Aunty she adored had passed away,I watch my babygirl crumble before my eyes and she has cried all night,I have managed to get her to bed and hopefully she will sleep.She had a form of cancer of the brain and not MS.She was offered an operation some years ago but the chances of survival were slim or brain damage.Well her MRI showed the tumor/growths had grown so large she needed an operation and she was taken to the hospital a few days later,the operation went badly wrong and she ended up brain damaged.She was taken home to be cared for and loved by her family.She fault ill health for many years and she married and had to wonderfull sons,shame her eldest has the same illness as his mum.Both boys have done very well and won many medals in the special olympics swim team and travelled the world.

Yes I know this is very sad and I am not after sympathy.You ask were is the insperation bit of this story.

Deborah passed away on the Friday.Her eldest son who has the same illness travelled to Haverford west with other disabled adults,he walked with the Olympic Tourch in honor of his mother on the Sunday two days after his mum had passed,the crowd cheered and clamped and the police walking beside him clapped to.Such a brave boy and knowing what happened to his mum could happen to him,he has led a full and happy life along with his brother.

We can overcome many obsticals and fight every day and be positive about our MS and other illnesses and disabilities we have.If Deborah can fight all these years and her two sons fight for themselves with a very brave woman behind them every step of the way.

Yes I am devistaed as many of us are,she had a heart of gold and like me helped those around us.We were cut from the same cloth.

Here is a picture of Daniel with the Olympic Tourch.