I think this sums up how i feel


Dont ask me to remember!

Dont ask me to understand,

let me rest and let me know

your with me.

Kiss my cheek and hold my


I,m confused beyond your concept

I am sad and sick and lost

all i know is that i need you

to be with me at all cost !

Do not loose your patience with me

do not scold, or curse, or cry,

I cant help the way im acting

I cant be different though i try.

Just remember that i need you

that the best of me is gone

Please dont fail to stand beside me,

Love me till my life is done.

Author unknown

Having read this i fellt it decribed the way i am at the moment and i just had to share it with you all.



I know many people who would recognise this person, including me. A very lovely poem Barbara, it’s a shame we don’t know who wrote it.

Wendy x

Hi Barbara,

very nice one, thanks for sharing! xx

Aww Barbara, hope you are ok? ((((((hugs))))))

A very meaningful poem xx

Lovely, meaningful words. Hope you’re OK xxx

thanks all im just a bit down at the moment its my brothers birthday tomorrow he passed away twenty odd yrs ago i really miss him and this poem touched a nerve its just so how i feel at the moment …


That must have been a difficult time Barbara, losing your brother. Was it an illness or accident? Or shouldn’t I ask?

Thats ok he was 36 and he had a masive brain heamorage, he was in a persistive vegative state for 10 very difficult months,this is when it all comes back and even after all this time its still hard.

He had 2 young sons who grew up without him but their a credit to him just miss him so much that poem said it all.


What a nightmare that must have been for you and your family…36, is such a young age. Some things Barbara, I don’t think we ever get over do we, just learn to live with them. Specal times of the year/anniversaries can be difficult times.

Poetry is a good medium to express and share one’s feelings.

Good to know he has two sons, who have made him proud, they have obviously had a loving and caring family around them.

Hope tomorrow is not too sad for you.

Take care, Noreen xx