I watched this programme last night about food, with Professor Alice Roberts.

Apparently if you put mushrooms out in the summer sunshine for just 1 hour a chemical reaction occurs and the mushroom is flooded with vitD. It can not be destroyed by putting the mushrooms in the fridge or cooking.

Great news for vegetarians in particular. So get out in your garden folks with your mushrooms before you cook them.

I think it’s fascinating Lol


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wow blossom!

thanks for sharing this.

i love mushrooms and my son is a strict vegetarian so this info will be put to good use.

carole x

l think it is brilliant that there is still ongoing research into Vit D. At last it is being taken seriously - how important Vit D is to everyone - especially for auto-immune diseases and cancer. l read recently about someone with MS - also prostate cancer - and the high dose of vit D3 he was taking had lowered his PSA levels - So all the men out there - make sure you are getting all the vit d3 you need. And don’t forget to get your levels tested occasionally. CityAssays Lab B/ham is a good postal service - just a pin-prick blood spot test and the results are emailed back to you very quickly. The 150/225 nmol level is now thought not to be high enough.

thanks for that hun - I love mushrooms on toast for a light supper. A quick blast in the microwave is all they need.


butter and garlic for me!


My Husband just brought our mushrooms in after an hour outside, think he saw the same programme!

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I’ve bought some mushrooms in town today. No garden but will put them on our flat roof that we have outside bedroom window.


I don’t have any mushrooms, so will settle for sitting in the sun and getting my vitamin d3 directly.


i recall reading that mushrooms (of the magic variety) can resolve most / all eye sight issues which would otherwise necessitate the wearing of eye glasses.

Sounds yummy-love butter and garlic.

Of course, I hope you’re talking about proper butter Carole and not that chemical paste that comes in tubs-yuk!


oh paulo

so we could see all the psychedelic stuff clearly??

With my confused brain Lol, I need no help from magic mushrooms.


yukkkk i hate mushrooms i feel sick at th sight of them lol

J x

I find nutrition an interesting subject. It concerns me all these over processed foods-I try to keep to a plain and straight forward diet now. Meat and veg/salads and very rarely eat bread.

I also buy gluten free products, I find they suit my digestion better.


the only gluten free bread that i like is the dark rye bread.

what the germans call schwartz brot.

love it and eat like a crisp bread.

hmm why can’t i buy it here?

well in easily accessible places.

so tesco, asda, sainsbury’s, aldi and lidl - please start stocking dark rye bread!!

carole x