Muscle twitching, quick question

Hi everyone!

I need your expert advise. In Oct 2012 I started having left arm numbness and shortness of sensaition. In May 2013 within a week the following symptoms developed: left leg paresthesia, strong fatigue and depression, loss o libido, vision disturbances (transparent floaters etc). Neurology department did a lot of blood tests, MRI, LP and EP. Results: Low Vit D ( I am on 5000 IE per day D3 supplement now), 2 O-Bands, VEP 107ms, which is almost normal. All other results, including MRI - clear, no pathology. So no MS dx given, in fact no other dx given by neuro. Asked to come back in 1 year to repeat exams.

My symptoms got better by now, however I still do not feel quite the same as I used to before May 2013. Since 2 weeks ago I started having muscle twiches mostly in my both legs and occasionaly in other parts of the body, including face, shoulders, back, neck. The twitches come ususally in the daytime. I do not feel them when I go to bed. Additionally, same about 2 weeks ago, I developed some weird heart abnormalities. My heart started skipping beat few times in 1 hour. So it skipe beat approximately 100 times a day. My blood pressure is spot on 120/78 almost all the time.

My question is - is muscle twitching and heart palpatations or hears skipping beat typial for MS in early stages or late stages. Please give your feedback. Thank you for your time!

I’m not much help i’m afraid. I haven’t been diagnosed yet. I do have twitches though. Mine are in my hands and wrists, shoulder and occassionally in my feet/ankles/neck. I cannot say I’m aware of them when I’m asleep either. I don’t seem to get palpitations though. From what I’ve seen on here I don’t think there is any paticular stage that symptoms start. I would think that twitches could start at any time.


Hi, I have spms and as of yet not heard of anyone suffering with heart palpatations, I have never experienced it myself. Jerks can be a sign of ms but there could be other reasons for your symptoms especially if all your tests for ms have come back clear. Having said that in the early stages of ms a MRI may not show any leisons until it gets worse. Having a LP proves nothing, I didn’t have one but was dx because of the leisons. Everryone is different and symptoms show themselves up in different ways. I would suggest that if the twitches get worse, visit your gp and hopefully get another referal to a neuro. HTH Janet x

I do have an irregular heart beat, so do get palpatations and have a normal BP reading, missing heart beats can be harmless in some but its worth being checked. I also have muscle spasms usually on the left side of my body as this is where all the weakness is, in September last year this was very painful, but has improved now. I do not have a dx for MS and due to have LP on the 30th. MRI and Evoked tests are normal. Hope this helps you.