Muscle spasms in chest area

How do I tell if this chest pain is just spasming muscles? Might be just the fact I went swimming day before yesterday but I get random muscle twitches and had the tight band under the ribs feeling very recently. I’m waiting for VEP result and currently FND/CFS. Ow…this makes it hard to breathe!!

Anyone? I’ve had a sudden, ribcage-constricting spasm in the past which had no clear trigger. I also feel like I’m wearing a tight belt too high up sometimes. I know that no-one here can answer the ever-present ‘but is it MS?’ question but can anyone relate to this?


I wonder if it could relate to the ‘ms hug’?. Have you read up on it and thought about that yourself Reikiblossom?


Hi Blossom, yes, I had heard of that. Its hard waiting for VEP results that might prove I’ve had ON that might point towards MS…whatever it is, thankfully I seem to be enjoying a general remission. Things have settled a bit…except there are residual oddities. A weird tipping into my hip when walking sometimes, not being able to glance sideways without sort of double vision and the odd muscle twinge. I could go on…!

Hi, I suffer with the Ms hug and what you have described sounds very like my symptoms. It is actually the intercostal muscles going into spasm, (they are the tiny muscles in between your ribs) it can be unbearably painful. I take a valium take off my bra and any tight clothing and use my electric heat pad and this helps.

it was the vep test that gave me my Ms diagnosis so hopefully you get some news that will give you a diagnosis as I know from reading your posts you have had a long wait.

Ann x

Thankyou for your reply, Ann. Yes, I am still having a long wait!

I have had chest spasms which have actually bent me double!