in pain

suddenly developed painful muscle spasm deep in my chest today, was initially in my chest and now its going into my back too. whole area tight and sore and isnt getting better. was sitting doing nothing at the time. could this be the MS hug? how could it be a pulled muscle when i wasnt doing anything. i get these random spasms often normally in arms , neck and legs but this is first time this has happened. would there be other things going on at the same time? sorry for all the questions just not sure whats going on x

Hi Serina,

The “MS Hug” isn’t really a medical term anyway, so in a way, it doesn’t really make any difference whether that’s what you call it. I think the key thing is recognition that it’s some kind of muscle spasm. In that sense, it’s no different to the spasms you’ve been experiencing anywhere else - it just happens to be in the chest area, hence the “hug” nickname. No, it would not necessarily be associated with other things going on. Like the other spasms, it can occur alone, or in conjunction with other things.

I wouldn’t totally rule out the “pulled muscle” theory, either. One of the things I’ve noticed, since developing MS (which I believe was several years before I was diagnosed) is I’m much more prone to muscle injuries of all kinds. If the muscles are too tight to begin with, which is a common symptom of MS, it’s much easier to injure them with activities the average person wouldn’t consider very energetic.

Believe it or not, I’ve pulled a hamstring before, just getting up fom the sofa. How many “normal” people can manage that? You don’t have to be doing extreme sports to hurt yourself. You might just have reached for something an awkward way, or whatever. Goes with the territory, I’m afraid. :frowning:

If you get regular problems with spasms and muscle tightness, there are prescription muscle-relaxants that can help.



Thanks so much Tina, i think its time i talked to the doctor about getting something for muscle spasms, its happening all the time and is quite debilitating. Ive noticed with this chest one ive got very sensitive skin and funny feeling right across my lower right rib. is this something you can relate to xx


Hate to say it, but if you’ve got sore skin as well, and don’t usually, you might be having a bit of a relapse. They can disrupt nerve signals to/from the muscles, which causes the stiffness and spasms (“relax” signals not getting through), but also sensory nerve signals, and those responsible for pain.

I often - well, not often, but enough to be familiar - get a sunburn-like sensation, but there’s no inflammation on the skin, because it isn’t really injured. It’s just bogus pain signals caused by trouble in the central nervous system. Occasionally, it goes the other way, and I lose ALL sensation, including pain, to certain bits of me. MS is unpredictable - it can cause abnormal sensations, and abnormal lack of sensation. Sometimes both!

Report it to the doc, and hopefully get some treatment.



thats definately a better description of what i meant, sunburn feeling but nothing to see. thanks again Tina x

I really sympathise, Serina.

I am not dx, but have been suffering on and off with rib pain and really painful spasms in my ribs across the back. All this seems to be in a band right around my body, just below my bra line. I also get a burning/tingling feeling, and today have had pain in the centre of my chest too.

I hope yours subsides soon xx

Hi Purpledot, i am not diagnosed either. I still have it including the burning , tingling feeling. Looks like we wont be getting much sleep tonight xx