Feel like I'm wearing a corset

I’ve had this for about a 2 weeks It feels like I’m wearing a under bust corset that is to tight but it’s only on my right ribs I’m sure it’s getting worse every ime it happens I get it most days but at diffrent times I’ve had a mri that was sort of clear a few small things but normal iv got a lp on the 10th Has anyone else had this I’m starting to annoy myself I’m only 22 bout feel about 90

I would hazard a guess it’s what’s popularly termed the “MS hug”, which is caused by spasm of the tiny muscles - called intercostal muscles - between the ribs.

As you’re undiagnosed, I don’t mean to say you definitely have MS. It’s common with MS, so that’s why “MS hug” tends to be the informal name for it. But it doesn’t necessarily mean there is nothing else that could cause similar.

In theory, it is possible to be prescribed muscle-relaxants, which may help, even without a diagnosis. But some GPs are very much more proactive about this than others. Although my GP has been very good in general, this is one area she was a bit weak - I had great difficulty getting her to prescribe anything for symptoms, without a kick up the backside from the hospital, even after I was diagnosed. She kept saying things like: “Your MS nurse should do it”, when I didn’t even have an MS nurse. However, once she finally took the leap of prescribing, she seems to have been OK with it since, so I’m not sure whether it was the usual debate about budgets - perhaps she was hoping it might come out of the hospital’s budget, instead of her own, and that’s why she was keen for them to do it.


Thanks for the info I’ve spoken to my GP and she just said wait and see what the nuro says not really help full I can understand why the docs that want to just hand out meds because they carnt see the pain we are in I just wish they could have it for 5 mins to realise

im having the exact same feeling … as if im not breathing enough, some sort of shortness of breath plus it bothers me when i walk or sit or in any position in which these muscles are working . so yeah i know this awful feeling (im 19 btw)

i even went to ER because i thought im having some kind of respiratory failure.

im waiting for my lp results but right now everyone are just telling me to wait because i’ve had steroid traetment - so it is supposed to get back to its normal situation

stay strong, also try to calm yourself down because stress is making everything worse - try herbal things. xx