MS hug?

I woke up this morning feeling totally wiped out, as if I hadn’t slept at all and now I feel like I’ve had a good cry (which I haven’t) with that breathless, post sobbing heavy feeling in the chest.

I feel like I need to keep sighing, is it a ‘hug’ or just a symptom of fatigue?

An MS hug feels a bit like a stitch (you get from running) but it’s felt like a band around your middle as though someone is holding you tightly with one arm. Sorry it’s hard to describe but a bit like a cramp or a strong hug. Hope that helps. The breathlessness sounds more like an anxiety thing to me to be honest. Xx

I think different people experience the hug in different ways.

It can reach from collar bone to lower abdomen, or might just affect a small part of that area. For some people it goes right around, others may feel it only on one side of their body.

Some people experience it as a tight cramp, hug or squeeze.

Others experience tingling, burning, or aching. Sometimes it can last a long time, and sometimes it can be quite short and sudden. Or it can be felt as sudden sharp shooting pains. Different people describe it differently / have diffenernt experiences of it.

I get tightness, usually around my chest area but sometimes aroung my lower torso, as well as sudden shooting pains. ffor me, wearing a bra definitely starts it off or makes it worse. And at times I get a horrible weighted feeling in the top front of my chest, as though it is pulling me down, frontwards (sounds possibly similar to what you have described?) -But everyone is different. And not every odd feeling we have is attributable to MS - like awkward optimist said, anxiety coud cause similar symptoms. I would maybe just monitor it… see if it happens again, and if it continues to happen, talk about it with your doctor, who will be able to help you work out what is going on / if it is connected to MS / how to manage it etc xxx

Thanks for your replies. I don’t think I’m overly anxious but how do we really know how everything we are going through is affecting us?! I woke with the same feeling, which lasted most of the day on Saturday - I finally felt OKish at around 3pm, went to bed early and woke yesterday to find it had gone away completely. So perhaps it was just sheer exhaustion after all! Susie