Muscle fasculations

Who gets muscle fasculations? I normally get them occasionally, but this week, I’ve been getting lots… I get them in my upper arm, thigh and calf. My thigh has been rippling and jumping for hours now… quite annoying!! I take baclofen, for the bigger jumps and twitches which controls them well… in fact my GP has just upped the dose yesterday, not had chance to up them yet.

Hi Jules, yeah I get them and same place as you… thighs, calf and upper arms. Occasionally in hands.

The are so strange to watch… but thankfully not at all painful.

Pat x

I get them upper arms and calfs and knees strangely had it in my pinkie the other day - it was bloody annoying. I thought an ant or sommut was on it at first.



I get them too - in my thighs mostly but sometimes other places. We are a crazy bunch!

Me too! Maainly my thigh & calf - but I also get them in the muscles around my chest & abdomen!

Very odd things to watch - I make hubby feel them!

They feel like a baby moving/kicking/fluttering in your muscles!!! xxjenxxx

I get them in my left buttock!! Nowhere else! It happens when I’ve been lieing on my left side and I turn over on to my back.

Very weird!!

S x

Dogtanion - Eww!!

I forgot to mention that I get them in my left buttock & around my ‘doodabits’ too!!

Most disturbing when they start while I’m having a conversation or in a meeting in work!!!