muscle fasciculationm

I want to say thank you to everyone who replied to my first thread, i really was overwhelmed by the friendly welcome :slight_smile:

I went to the gp today as my feet were driving me mad, i can see the muscles moving around on my feet and my calf muscle is stuck in a continous twitch. My gp said it is muscle fasciculation.

I have an appt for my mri scan and it is at 1.20pm on sun 6th may, my mri is of my brain and cervical spine, does lower motor neuron mean there is a problem somewhere else? sorry i’m a bit new to all this but i don’t want them mri-ing half of me and missing a problem lol… do you think i should let the neuro secretary know? the gp did give me the neuro secretary’s number and asked me to ring her to let my neuro know that my appt was soon so he could be looking at results.

My gp asked me if i knew what they were looking for or what it could be so i said i thought it might be ms and he said that is what my notes say… My gp did say though that he isn’t an ms expert but doesn’t think the muscular fasciculation was typical with ms…

Any thoughts would be welcomed

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Sorry, but I think your GP is wrong. I get fasciculations in my feet (I’m a diagnosed person).

They mostly happen in the bath, although I suppose they might be happening all the time, but I only really see them in the bath.

Most of them are of tiny muscles too small for me to feel, but they make quite an impressive display at times. It looks like Alien is going to burst out of my foot!

MRI of brain and cervical spine is the usual protocol for suspected MS.

Symptoms in your feet do NOT unambiguously indicate a “lower motor neuron” problem (confusion over the word “lower”, I think - it doesn’t mean the lower part of the body, just which end of the transmission line the problem is with: CNS end, or muscle end).

My problems with my feet are caused by a lesion in my thoracic spine (quite low, relatively speaking, for MS). Brain and cervical spine are the commonest sites for lesions, which is why they look there first, in most cases.


hello Mrsgreen! I get them in the front of my thighs, abdomen, under my ribs - and in lots of little muscles anywher - even between my legs and one regularly goes right by my bottom

have a look at this thread from earlier xxxjenxxxx

Oh, thank you, that thread was really interesting :slight_smile: And thank you for the clarification on upper/lower motor neuron, I didn’t know what it referred to. I will maybe video it like the original poster of the other thread so I can show my neurologist! I did notice the twitches were very calm in the docs surgery compared to normal lol, they looked really tame. Both my feet and calves have been doing it now continuously for 6 days, they never rest. I’m not sure if the jerks happen more at night or whether I just notice it more when I’m not doing anything else but I jerk from my upper body too xx