Muscle fasiculations

Hello all,

I am new to this community, I am 39 and a male. Next week i find out the results of my brain and spine MRI. My main symptoms started about 4 years ago with frequent muscle fasiculations. After about 6 months I had an EMG which was thankfully ok and I was diagnosed with benign muscle fasiculations syndrome. However steadily over time I have experienced new symptoms including strange crawling sensations under my skin, cold water feelings running down my arms and legs and more recently numbness in my feet and blurry vision. Over the last couple of months I have terrible cramp at times in my lower limbs and I have video footage of spasms in my calves and the side of my body.

I guess after being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis 2 years back I kind of put these episodes down to that condition, however the rheumatologist referred me to a neurologist as it’s also an autoimmune condition. I was just wondering if I am alone in having muscle fasiculations which as I understand it is not a symptom of MS. I had a follow up EMG yesterday which was again ok, so good news on that front. Anyway just wondered out of curiosity.

Hi, I`ve just googled fasiculations and see they are muscle twitches. Yes, they often occur on MS.

With your other sensations, it is possible you have MS.

But hang on till your next appointment, which isnt far away and let the neuro tell you his findings.