Muscle biopsy?

Just wondering if anyone has had one? I’m assuming it will be under local but I’m a little worried about how it will effect me after, I’m not really worried about the actual procedure as I’m used to being pocked about its more the after effects.The EMG effected me quite a bit wondering if it will be any worse than that?

Also how long was the waiting list, for the procedure and results? I’m thinking if it’s a while I might go private but have no idea of the costs. So any advice would be appreciated.


That isn’t a typical test for MS, so I’m not sure quite how many answers you will get…

Sounds like maybe they suspect something else?

I don’t mean to make you feel like you’re not welcome, but if you knew what the “something else” was, you might be able to find a forum with more people who’ve had muscle biopsies. MS doesn’t cause changes to the muscles themselves (only to the central nervous system controlling them), so you wouldn’t expect to find any abnormalities from a muscle biopsy. I’m assuming that’s why they don’t do one, in the majority of cases.

You might be lucky and hear from somebody that’s had one, but if you don’t, it’s not because we’re all ignoring you, but because that test isn’t very common.


I don’t really know that’s the problem, and the consultant seems to be shifting around telling me. Lots of my symptoms fit ms which is why I’m here. All the auto immune stuff/rheumatoid stuff seems it have been ruled out

I have a blood test at the hospital tomorrow with the junior consultant so I’m planning on being forceful about it, I asked the dr when he rung a few days ago what we where ruling out and he would not give me a response over the phone. So frustrating, so I’m not sure really where it leaves me at the moment. Bit to scared to venture to mnd and md sites at the moment. But understand that might give me the answers. I’m just not really sure ms has been fully ruled out yet.

Hello Peanuts,

I am waiting for a theatre space for a Muscle Biopsy since October. I have been in Limbo since 2006 with symptoms thought to be M S. I do not know what your symptoms are but I have slowly progressed and got worse over the years. My Nuero does think it’s something to do with my muscles. My MRI 's are all clear. One of my symptoms is gradual unexplained hearing loss, as a child I had unexplained 10% loss. So I am aware he is looking at a Mitochondrial disease and I suspect other disorders too.

mitochondrial diseases are studied at Newcastle University and part of diagnosis is a muscle biopsy and they do have a website. I am sure though this test is used to diagnose other diseases too. Let me know how you get on?

catherine :slight_smile: xx